Wanted: Cycling Film Talent

My name is Auston Wilson, I am a mountain biker and filmmaker who is passionate about the world of cycling. Im looking for someone who is as passionate about cycling as I am to be apart of my film. This film is intended for local and international adventure film festivals, Telluride, Banff, ext.

Title: Impulse
A film about two cyclists, one road and one mountain biker. The story is something many of us can relate to, its about the "Impulse" a cyclist feels to escape the busy city, the daily grind, and find that place of serenity. For the mountain biker that place will be a single track high in the mountains with beautiful views and fast descents. For the road cyclist that place will be a long twisted mountain road that challenges his endurance.

Talent Needed: Road biker, Male: Ages: 23-40, Skill: level intermediate to advanced.

Dates: Any weekend between August 24th and September 28th, whichever is most convenient for the talent.

Talent will need to commit to two days of Shooting.
Day 1: sunrise to 11am
Day 2: 5pm to sunset

Location 1: day 1, Golden, leaving the city just before sunrise and rides toward the mountains.
Location 2: day 2, Mt Evans, Just before Sunset

This is a NO BUDGET film with no monetary compensation. On the slim chance this Short film wins a prize it will be generously shared between Talent and Crew.

I will provide food and water during shoots and beers afterwards.

My Portfolio http://cargocollective.com/austonwilson

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cycling film talent

Hello Auston,

If you are still looking for someone to help with your movie I would love to participate. I love all forms of cycling as well as videography and photography. Let me know if you still need someone to ride for you. I have both cyclocross and road bikes.


Josh Crane


Like Josh, I also am an avid road bike rider, enjoy the serenity of riding in the mountains, as well as being an avid photographer and aspiring videographer with an interest in producing films much like you are planning to do. I would welcome the opportunity to help you in anyway I can as an assistant. Feel free to email me if you are interested in my help and we can discuss more details.