Video and Photos of 2010 Morgul Bismark Race

Great photos and video of of the Morgul Bismark Criterium and road race below. If you have photos and videos you would like to share with others drop us a line with your gallery link or video link at 303cycling contact.




Just got this video of Sunday afternoon. Awesome footage of racers going up the wall. Thanks to Garth Pillette of Pillette Productions for the video.

I was out shooting today from 11:30 to around 2:30. The categories are all mixed up but I got some great shots. It was a great week of racing and hopefully the Superior Morgul Classic will be back in 2011.

Here are some pictures from the P-1-2. It was a great day of bike racing with decent size crowds and a tough criterium course.

Men 35+

Men 3s

If you have any photos or video please contact us.

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I am kind of surprised the results are not posted yet. I noticed that for the criterium they used chip timing. I am not sure they used that for the road race or not but come on for a $70 the road race the results should be posted already to say nothing of the onium. If you ran the Boulder Bolder today you could have your results faster and there were 50 times the number of entrants.


Good event, loved the crit course and the RR course was awsome too. I hope this event comes back and I will be there to support it again in 2011. Would prefer a short tt to the sprints, but not a big deal.

However the results were a joke. They were never accurate, they were late, and never posted anywhere on the web during the event, or even now (monday night). We paid $110 for the race, which is fine with me. But when you charge a premium, for a premium event, I expect a little more, not much worse than average for a CO race. The race had a dedicated web site, as well as Boulder Racing's own site. Accurate results should have been on one of those sites (if not both and the ACA's site) each day. It is Monday night and still nothing.

Hey Love the venue & the

Hey Love the venue & the concept accept:
You separated the 35+ 3's on Friday night for the sprints, gave out a leader's jersey for the Ommium before the Crit, and then you tell the 35+ 3's that the Omnium points aren't being given out separately (SM3 & 35+ 3 together). Hey, no big deal, but if you're going to do that you need to call that out from the beginning & stay consistent. There were many riders upset over this before the RR as many would not have paid anywhere from $110-$140 to race the entire event! Lastly, the results comments speak for themselves & we hope this feedback is taken to make the event even better next year (timing chips?).

Post Race Results Communique

Hello Superior Morgul Classic racers,

First off, thank you all your support making this first year event a huge success. With all the cool photos and videos and emails, I'm still getting chills - or is that just my lack of sleep ;)

Results, we are still compiling them. We managed to address and execute so many race day details during the weekend, but of course you can never cover everything. Lessons learned so far, have a wireless linkup from the finish to registration, have a dedicated staff just for omnium result tabulation, make sure your team database download is accurate, etc. Our hired timing services didn't quite meet expectations but then again, onmiums are never easy to calculate.

After 3 days of non-stop racing action we are still up to 1am compiling results, so our event has not ended, please be patient. Our goal is accuracy, first and foremost. We are not going anywhere and will get everything done and posted.

In the meantime, relish in the fact...
- you were able to race in street sprints, something not done in Colorado since maybe the Mini Classic, 17-20 yrs ago
- we had a new bitch'in crit course
- you were able to race the Morgul road course in a safe environment with tons of road closures. It was a great event all around so be nice and let us get you accurate results.

I hope people don't mean the negative comments, they really hurt after so many people put a ton of time into this event. Don't get me wrong, recommendations are always appreciated to help us with next year. Yes, next year. You have to be crazy to think this will not happen again, welcome to the 2nd generation of the Morgul, Viva la Morgul !

ps -chip timing was used as a test for just two categories in the crit. Maybe full blown in the future.

pps - comparing us to the Boulder Bolder, puh'lease, they have 30 yrs on us, we are a first year event.

Thank you,
Brian Hludzinski
Superior Morgul Classic Race Director

Brian, Really remarkable


Really remarkable job pulling off this big of an event over three days. I was only able to do the criterium but I was impressed with the fact that you must have had good repore with the residents in order to run the course down the alley way. You could have just run a typical course along Rock Creek Circle but going down the alley made it interesting. Nice job and congratulations on taking the initiative to put on an event that was out of the ordinary each day.

Overall, great job

It was a stellar weekend, with a great RR on a course that we were all excited to race. Sadly, it seems to be human nature to focus on what could be improved rather than give props for everything that went right. So glad to hear there will be a second year! It can't be easy to get the road closures as you did. Congratulations on pulling off a huge event. Can't wait until 2011.