Boulder Based Velo Zephyr Ramps up for 2014

Chances are, if you ever visited Boulder Indoor Cycling, you know Steven. Not only was he the voice of BIC's "First Friday", but was also the company’s knowledgeable front desk staff and a client-favorite coach. [Editor's note: he's a total celebrity to our little girls. That long, curly mustache made quite the impression.] You may also know Steven from local racing, where he has won four Elite State Championships.

For the last three years Herzfeld has been studying the finer points of frame-building and carbon fiber manufacturing during his evenings and weekends. He even set aside his racing to make time to perfect his craftsmanship. To put it another way: he went "full Mr. Miyagi" on himself. His new brand, Velo Zephyr, is focused on building custom, handmade carbon fiber bikes and components for riders ranging from weekend enthusiasts to professional athletes.

Steven originally moved to Boulder to study Architecture at the University of Colorado. And with a lifelong passion for product design, art, and hands-on craftsmanship, frame-building was a sensible progression for the 25 year old. He chose carbon fiber for two simple reasons; he had never learned to weld, and carbon fiber’s perfect suitability for high performance bikes as he explains. “Carbon fiber is unquestionably the perfect material for a bicycle. Not only is it lighter and stiffer than any metals, it’s stronger too, and gives a smooth ride because of its anisotropic, or directional, strength. Plus, it can be formed in nearly limitless shapes.”

Steven is known among his peers as holding high standards for his personal equipment. “There are plenty of good bikes available these days, but I wasn’t satisfied with the options. I could never get everything I was looking for; I always had to compromise,” Herzfeld explained. “Even custom builders were unwilling to go outside of their comfort zone to get me the bike I needed.”

While Velo Zephyr was started several years ago, you may not have heard of the company. "We didn't want to come to market with a 'good enough' product; it had to be perfect," said Herzfeld. “That’s why we haven’t been focusing on sales, yet. We'll continue our prototyping through the holiday season, then begin fulfilling customer orders in January."

Herzfeld’s Velo Zephyr has already finished pre-production products for customers across the country and even internationally. Plus, the company is being considered to produce custom aerobars for women’s US Olympic Team Pursuit team. “We’re very proud to be considered for this cutting edge project. No decision has been made yet and Rio 2016 is still several years away, but we look forward to hearing the decision from team staff," said a confident Herzfeld. “You haven’t heard of us yet, but that’ll change quickly," he added.

Through January 15th, Velo Zephyr is taking orders with just a $1000 deposit instead of the normal 50% down. For questions, or to get started on your custom frame, inquiring customers are encouraged to email Steven at To learn more, visit Velo Zephyr’s Facebook Page or click here to go directly to the website.

Velo Zephyr from D2photography on Vimeo.

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