Valmont Bike Park is opening Saturday!


From the Daily Camera

Ask a friend to pinch you because Valmont Bike Park IS really going to open this weekend! Years of work have gone into this park, mean while other communities have started and completed their own bike park (Golden, Castle Rock, Superior, Lyons to name a few) but this park will be way beyond any bike park ever created. Another barrier for getting the youth into cycling was just removed and access to more convenient MTB cycling is about to become reality.
Every media outlet over the next week will be running articles on the new park and our local newspaper kicked it off below. Read the full article at the camera

Ribbon cutting happens at 10am on Saturday and if you do attend it is advised that parking will be thin, how about riding to the park? The opening of the park opens up lots of questions for the future like, what kind of events will we see at the park, will Short Track move there or will there be a new weekly series for cross? Will Redbull like events show up... will any competitive events be at the park in 2011? From what we know at 303cycling, the park has two difficult items to host special events, parking and landscaping. The landscaping issue is just short term and that is park officials want the landscaping (grass) to take hold before hundreds walk all over it and kill it. Parking is something to observe, everyone is hoping that a majority of the users of the park show up by bike but time will tell what parking patterns evolve.

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