USA Cycling Statement on Reintegration of the ACA

Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure.

“USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the ACA and its member clubs voted to rejoin USA Cycling,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO. “While ACA’s name will change to Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, the leadership will provide the same service and benefits that riders, race directors and officials have come to know in Colorado. We look forward to working together to continue to grow the sport of cycling in this great state.”

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Emotions High

It seemed most attendees (most of the time) treated the discussion as business and did not respond emotionally and attack personally.

My conclusion was (and is) there is no perfect outcome; there is something for everyone to dislike, regardless of the decision to reintegrate or to remain independent.

There are also new advantages with the decision to reintegrate: as noted by others - national ranking system, integration into the CX ranking system, better connection to the collegiate racer, removal of the dual sanctioning challenges, assuring upgrade recognition, avoiding the loss of race promoters to a competing sanctioning body, avoiding the creation of a CO local association that competes with ACA.

And for the changes we collectively might like to see within USAC to improve support of local racing and members that are not elite or national caliber, might it be easier to be an agent of change from within rather than from without?

As one of the 500 or 1,000 racers with both ACA and USAC licenses, my fees will go from $105 to $85. Of course I shake anytime others talk about the costs and these expenses when the value of the bikes, wheels, equipment most of us purchase are thousands and thousands. There are exceptions of course, but a huge percentage of CO racers have carbon road bike, high-end TT bike, and if racing cross - another one or two high-end bikes, plus perhaps a mtn. bike - and certainly don't forgot the Zipp wheels and other carbon wonders.

No room to talk about costs for racers that may vary by ten's of dollars or even a hundred or two. And for those that have financial barriers to our sport, we can explore options to get them into the sport as we have done with the Junior program.

Look beyond yourself

UNREAL how people are looking at this as a takeover and the death of the ACA, get a grip! At the end of the day it is you and I, members of the ACA, that will decide the direction of the organization, how much money it can raise and wether it succeeds or fails. Based on the turnout last night I am more concerned that most members probably don't give a damn what happens and don't realize how valuable our current ACA leadership is. Just look at the negative comments regarding Clint and Chris. THERE ARE NO SHORTAGE OF CRITICS, when what we need are more members getting involved if they think they can do better or have a better vision for ALL membership. PETER WEBER was the only one in that room to make a clear and coherent case of the value for joining USAC. The idiots wasting time ranting about what they get for $40 more dollars from USAC obviously don't get the big picture of cycling and where people want it to go. MANY PEOPLE IN THAT ROOM would pay $40 to get national cross rankings and take advantage of all the USAC programs in our own freaking backyard.

Hold yourself accountable for where the ACA goes in the next year, Steve Johnson/USCA can't be our scapegoat.
Look at the fact that the ACA only raised $12,000 in sponsorship! I see opportunity to get some new blood in there going after corporate sponsors, grants, and other ways we can squeeze money out of USAC.

IF you want to see only the negative in our situation, then good luck with your transition to USAC. And if you only see this as something hurting your personal cycling experience instead of benefiting Colorado cycling as a whole then you have your head in a hole. We need to get Colorado cycling back on the minds of every pro and amateur racers in the country instead of being a black hole for pro-am racing.

Get a grip on yourself. If

Get a grip on yourself. If you for one second think that any money USAC raise is going to any local affilates you are dead wrong. Look all over the country. They are mandating their policy and then demanding money from locals. The reason for the breakup in the first place was that USAC did not give anything back. Look at the track program in the Springs. Dead.

It is in their own back yard. Literally! They have manage to almost kill it. It will be dead next year when they raise the fees again. If you have ever dealt with them, I highly doubt you would even open your ignorant mouth.

I understand cross riders want a start position at national. You have to consider that is why Peter spoke on his own behalf. Just very eloquently. A good speech does not change the fact that it was for his own ambition.

Thanks 303 cycling

A huge thanks to 303cycling for this great forum to read and post on. It has been great to read all the passionate posts from everyone. We surely have a vibrant community and this website seems to be a central point for those important colorado cycling discussions. Look forward to seeing how this evolves and the bright future for cycling in colorado. See ya at the races!