USA Cycling Statement on Reintegration of the ACA

Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure.

“USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the ACA and its member clubs voted to rejoin USA Cycling,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO. “While ACA’s name will change to Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, the leadership will provide the same service and benefits that riders, race directors and officials have come to know in Colorado. We look forward to working together to continue to grow the sport of cycling in this great state.”

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This comment is a joke,

This comment is a joke, everyone including Chris and Clint have put in countless hours to work with USAC on the best solution while calling out all of the pitfalls. How many hours have you put in? And guess how much they get paid for those countless hours.

What a slap in the face to everyone who has worked hard to get the ACA where it is. If you are big talking member of the ACA with great ideas, then step forward and be a leader. I am sure we can pay you top dollar for your time.

Our 14 person club is not

Our 14 person club is not large by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, when I work 60+ hours/week as CFO for a $40million a year company it's pretty easy to spot quality leadership. No joke intended. They were no match for Steve and his arsenal of tactics. Last time I checked executive director was a paid staff position. Up it to $350k and I'll gladly quite my day job.

Take it as you will

This is the only time that I will publicly defend my personal actions and beliefs on this topic.

If you really think that allowing open, honest public discourse is weakness, then it is a very good thing that you and your type are not running a member-driven non profit organization.

If you really think that you can know every answer to unknown questions, then please share your crystal ball with us. It would be a great asset to the organization.

The ACA board and staff have put forth our best attempt to understand the likely outcomes from the situation with USAC. We shared our recommendation prior to the meeting on the ACA site and here on 303Cycling. The board and staff made these same recommendations at the Meeting. The Club Council voted and a decision was made. Did you somehow happen to miss this sequence of events?

It is my opinion that allowing people the opportunity to think and speak is not a sign of weakness, but in fact was absolutely critical to the continuing process that will build the best future for this organization.

I would argue that anyone who posts such a remark without a signature is not showing a great deal of backbone. Clint, the board, the staff and I are publicly standing up and working for this organization within difficult parameters.
Tomorrow I'm going back to work for the ACA, for the new BRAC dba ACA, and for all of us who love bicycle racing in Colorado. If anyone wants to talk, please call me at 303-458-5538. Please note: You will have to identify yourself before we can talk. This is called 'common courtesy.'

Thank You, ACA!

Chris McGee and Clint Bickmore and every member on staff and BOD have my complete and total 100% support. These members are stalwart and unwavering and deserve the confidence and backing of the constituency for which they have efforted tirelessly and with every ounce of gut and determination they could possibly muster.
Thank you ACA for fighting for the state of the Organization and for defending the ACA culture and for protecting the sport of amateur competitive cycling as we know it, here in Colorado and eastern Wyoming.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Jerry Natale
Team Adrenaline Cycles

Support for Chris & Clint - all the staff and board

I support the members of the ACA board and the staff members of the ACA, particularly Chris and Clint; also Bill Barr. They have demonstrated care and commitment to Colorado bicycle racing for today and the future.

There was not a clear "good choice" & "bad choice" - simply compromises and risks with either outcome. I appreciate all the time, research and concern the board and staff put in to preparing for their change in recommendation, meeting preparation and efforts to honestly answer all questions.

Thanks Clint, Chris, Bill, board and staff!!