USA Cycling Statement on Reintegration of the ACA

Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure.

“USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the ACA and its member clubs voted to rejoin USA Cycling,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO. “While ACA’s name will change to Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, the leadership will provide the same service and benefits that riders, race directors and officials have come to know in Colorado. We look forward to working together to continue to grow the sport of cycling in this great state.”

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Sad day for colorado racer. I've been in both for a very long time as a promoter and racer. USAC only cares about the elites and money to support it. Other than their ambition, they don't care. They have managed to screw up the track in Colorado Springs. Really sucks that all who voted have forgotten why the ACA was formed in the first place.

Joe Racer, Big "IF",Heartbreak

Vote passed and so it shall be. HOWEVER, the majority of ACA riders will NOT get any additional value with USAC membership. These riders are the bulk of ACA membership and ones that race 12 or less times per year; we saw that in the graphic presented last night. Will Joe racer pay twice as much to: support Elite and ranked Masters racers; be part of a national organization; go to National Championships; or, be able to race in other states?

The big Question is if Joe Racer will pay the extra money to support USAC's elite programs which do not support local racing. That is the big "IF"!

Time will tell how this affects membership, race experience (quality and quantity), and the junior program.

USAC will not run ACA into the ground BUT it will definitely mean change, number bear that fact out.

Additionally, many of the questions last night were answered with "we are working on that" . It felt like an untimely forced vote and that is regrettable. Many clubs were unrepresented and one club declined to vote.

Lastly, It was heartbreaking to listen to Yvonne tell us that she thought it was the only option because USAC would destroy ACA if ACA tried to stay separate.

Great attitudes

With the attitudes in this forum it's pretty clear we are screwed. Not because of the decision but because of the shortsighted, selfish responses people are posting. If there was ever a time for everyone to let go of their pitty party and work together to make the best of the situation, it's now. That's what happened in 98 and if it doesn't happen now it won't be pretty.

Get it straight people, this our organization, if it fails it will have little to do with USAC and everything to do with how we work together.

It has always been on us

You nailed it, it us to racers in Colorado to shape the situation instead of crying over $40. I am sure we will see a big surge in members interested in becoming involved with the organization so they can make sure their own personal racing interests are taken care of (sarcasm).


New Leadership for BRAC

I love the ACA, love USAC, and will be fully invested in keep BRAC strong. However, after last night's showing it's clear that Chris McGee and Clint Bickmore are simply not cut out for the job. I've never seen a more gross display of weakness, combined with very poor presentations, and an unwillingness to answer hard questions directly. If you're the executive director of the ACA then please act like it, even if you support becoming an LA. Yvonne is a keystone and should be kept at all costs, but if we want to see the new LA prosper it's time for Chris McGee and Clint Bickmore to be replaced. As club president we changed our vote last night due to the lack of faith in our current leadership.

Get A Clue You Goofball

Chris and Clint have done more for the ACA than you or your silly friends could ever dream of accomplishing. Chris and Clint will run circles around anyone you could put up against them. They were simply and quite elegantly maintaining a civil discourse while painting a very clear and unobscured portrait of terms of the decision and what was at stake. Understand that you have no clue what these guys are/were up against. There is no question that Bill Barr and Yvonne are your greatest allies in this battle and just because Chris and Clint get the job of messengers, they are decried. Bill and Yvonne would never advocate a decision which would not support and protect your interests. You are a pathetic imbecile.

supporting new aca leadership

Emotions aside I was there as well with my one vote. Chris and Clint were less than impressive. While they might work tirelessly for Colorado cycling they showed no spine when it came to the tough questions. How many times did we have to hear "we're working it out". The poster is not decrying the aca or it's function, just the leadership moving forward. I came to Colorado towards the end of Beth's reign and was extremely impressed by Jon. If this was a vote, then yes I would vote for a new ed and vp.