USA Cycling Statement on Reintegration of the ACA

Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure.

“USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the ACA and its member clubs voted to rejoin USA Cycling,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO. “While ACA’s name will change to Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, the leadership will provide the same service and benefits that riders, race directors and officials have come to know in Colorado. We look forward to working together to continue to grow the sport of cycling in this great state.”

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No. Cal. & Colorado

Colorado population - 5 million

Northern CA and Nevada pop. - 25 million

No. Cal. & Nev. Cycling association (ncnca) WITH 500% the population has 50% more licensed bicycle racers than Colorado.

Per capita, CO is a leader in the U.S. for quantity of bicycle racers.

As a former member of the

As a former member of the NCNCA, I think that the ACA has a better rapport with it's members. However, I am pleased that I will not be purchasing 2 licenses every year. The ACA has the opportunity with the proper leadership to drive the merger. Let's give the ACA time to work the details with USA. And yes, the costs will probably go up, just like the cost of your bike...