USA Cycling Statement on Reintegration of the ACA

Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure.

“USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the ACA and its member clubs voted to rejoin USA Cycling,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO. “While ACA’s name will change to Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, the leadership will provide the same service and benefits that riders, race directors and officials have come to know in Colorado. We look forward to working together to continue to grow the sport of cycling in this great state.”

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Wrong, only the logo will

Wrong, only the logo will stay the same. Bickmore couldn't give a clear answer on anything and was a disgrace to the ACA as it's spokesperson. All of a sudden a $20,000 grant went to $10,000, not to mention it's not confirmed. Where was that info a week earlier?


We just got home to Colorado Springs after Friday night in Golden with a morning trip up to Boulder.

$300 spent! Friday night alone was worth it!

Anyway, after four decades in cycling, "it is what is is," etc. The wheel just turned a little more on Friday. Let's just get on with our bike racing.

No more politics for me...until maybe tomorrow.

Am I the only one that actully uses my real name here?

Andy Bohlmann
Colorado Springs
Sand Creek Sports, and...Tour of Colorado...leave it alone!

Want a new grassroots org.

Worst Presentation and sell job ever, including hostile and insulting responses by Mr.Johnson. Bad guy, bad organization, bad decision by clubs.
Mr. Johnson presented a slide show about Elites and GrassRoots are two components of USAC. Then he just talked about Elites, rider development houses in Europe, and drug testing. WTF?
ACA has the best junior development program in the USA, that will be destroyed, plus no 8-9 group. I feel bad for the kids.
We will be now be paying twice as much for wanna be middle aged master riders to go to nationals and taking away support for the bulk of the ACA membership, riders that never or seldom make the podium.
To vote to join an organization that is threatening to destroy you is wrong on so many levels. BUT that actually happened. ACA lost its soul and moral ground last night.
There was a call for unity last night but this new direction does not meet the needs of anyone on our team. I hope a new real grassroots organization starts up with a similiar ACA model. We will happily join and pay for that, even more than our past ACA dues.

Has it been confirmed that

Has it been confirmed that the 8-9 yr old age group at cx races will disappear? I certainly hope not, I hope the BRAC/ACA can keep those events going. It's a large field & my son is certainly looking forward to racing the next 2 years. I think that field is a great way to keep developing younger riders & fans for the sport.