Coffee Talk Tuesday - Doping Cases at a Snail's Pace

Coffee talk Tuesday deals with lawlessness in our cycling culture. Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

The Armstrong doping case never seems to go away and neither has Armstrong's athletic ambitions as he continues to compete, this time in triathlons. Currently USADA is having their turn at busting Lance for doping for allegations that date back to 1999 and some as recent as 2010. It has been said that cases like this should move forward to help create a cleaner sport and who could disagree with that? The problem that many have with these cases are the tardiness of them. Is there anyway doping cases can be sped up? And it's not just at the highest level of sport like Lance Armstrong but also at our level, the amateur cyclists. How long has USADA had the list of consumers of doping products, I believe it is 3 years now and a only a few have been busted from that list of nearly 100 names. What kind of message does this send? You have a 4% chance of being busted and if this case isn't closed then this also says that your "career" in amateur cycling will most likely be over before you are even busted.

While I'm tired of hearing about another case being filed against Armstrong I do strong believe in having a cleaner sport and making the findings much sooner. Taking away titles after 10 years have gone by IMO does little to clean up the sport, it just tells younger athletes that the seeds you sow will take years and years later until they might be reaped.

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Tom suspension

But, more importantly....

The big pitch that USA Cycling CEO, Steve Johnson made to the American Cycling Assoc. in an effort to strong arm the ACA into returning to the USAC as the USAC Colorado Local Assoc. at last Falls Annual Meeting in Golden, CO was that Elite riders (Pro's) could not ride in non-USAC sanctioned races w/o suspension. He claimed, though did not provide any facts, that the UCI wants their rule about this enforced.

Now, Tom Danielson has one the "Open" TT at the June Teva Mountain Games, a non-sanctioned race.

The USAC Technical Director has those results, but guess what?
No suspension!

UCI Rule: Forbidden

UCI Rule:

Forbidden races
1.2.019 No licence holder may participate in an event that has not been included on a national, continental or world calendar or that has not been recognised by a national federation, a continental confederation
or the UCI.
A national federation may grant special exceptions for races or particular events run in its own country.
1.2.020 Licence holders may not participate in activities organised by a national federation that has been suspended, save in application of article 18.2 of the UCI constitution.
1.2.021 Breaches of articles 1.2.019 or 1.2.020 shall render the licence holder liable to one month's suspension and a fine of CHF 50 to 100.