Coffee Talk Tuesday - Doping Cases at a Snail's Pace

Coffee talk Tuesday deals with lawlessness in our cycling culture. Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

The Armstrong doping case never seems to go away and neither has Armstrong's athletic ambitions as he continues to compete, this time in triathlons. Currently USADA is having their turn at busting Lance for doping for allegations that date back to 1999 and some as recent as 2010. It has been said that cases like this should move forward to help create a cleaner sport and who could disagree with that? The problem that many have with these cases are the tardiness of them. Is there anyway doping cases can be sped up? And it's not just at the highest level of sport like Lance Armstrong but also at our level, the amateur cyclists. How long has USADA had the list of consumers of doping products, I believe it is 3 years now and a only a few have been busted from that list of nearly 100 names. What kind of message does this send? You have a 4% chance of being busted and if this case isn't closed then this also says that your "career" in amateur cycling will most likely be over before you are even busted.

While I'm tired of hearing about another case being filed against Armstrong I do strong believe in having a cleaner sport and making the findings much sooner. Taking away titles after 10 years have gone by IMO does little to clean up the sport, it just tells younger athletes that the seeds you sow will take years and years later until they might be reaped.

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Don't take away titles

I think taking away titles is one of the worst ideas. Go ahead and put an asterisk next to that year, but taking that person off the results sheet doesn't change the fact that they were there and that it happened. If the winner wasn't present the race would have unfolded differently; who is to say second place would have won?

Deleting chapters from history books doesn't change the fact that the events took place. In fact, it makes them more likely to reoccur.

Another doping..

I understand the need for testing, but it's ridiculous that it takes years to prove or disapprove the charge. Granted, there are cyclists that do NOT dope, but there are some that are without integrity and choose to "stack" the deck in their favor. I know that the testing is continually evolving and possibly become more definitive in the screening aspect. Unfortunately, there are going to be cyclists that will try anything, just to have an inside edge.
It all comes down to honesty with one's self and realizing that cheating is cheating regardless if you are an amateur or a pro.


So Todd is back. Since nobody seems to know exactly what went down with him except him and USADA, he paid his price and is back. And he doesn't seem to far off the pace he was 2 years ago. Coming out doing a 40K TT without any racing prior, I would say his training works. I was not one to bash him like many and am happy to see him back. So if we are to blast someone who broke the rules, want to curb him, ban him for life or all the other ridiculously stupid comments I read here, who are we to blast him for now following the rules by racing again?

You would think he Sanduskied your child the way he was talked about on 303cycling.

And in regards to Lance, who friggin' cares? Not like the playing field was not level. They were all doping. Made for some great racing. It is just now it is more least I hope.

actually we do know

actually we do know, he tested positive in an out of competition test for epo. If you don't believe that, then you need more proof that the sky is blue. Which means he was a client of Joe Papp.
The guy is an egomaniacal D-bag! I can actually understand (but do not condone) professionals doping, as it actually helps them earn more money and have a longer career (versus doing a manual labor minimum wage job). But this arse doped just so he could win local amateur races and screw other guys who have real jobs during the week and just do this for fun.
Either you didn't race against him, or you were/are doping as well.

The sky is not blue. It is a

The sky is not blue. It is a reflection of the atmosphere or something like that. I did not read epo or Papp in regards to Todd and don't care about either. He failed a test and unless you know him personally or about him and his case, you are only guessing. Either way you or I don't have much to say as he is free to race and obviously is now. You are just a bit too excited about your opinion champ. Go ride before you blowup.


Not really that excited, just think the guy is a arse hole. He tested positive in an out of competition test. That means, they hunted him down and got a sample. How many times have you heard of a local amateur master rider, getting tested at all, much less out of competition? The USADA knew he was taking. And this isnt' like the pro peloton of the 90s where you can claim everyone was doing it, so he had to take it to be equal. A guy in his late 40s wanted to satisfy his ego.
And just to be clear, all color that you see is nothing more than reflected light hitting the cones and rods in your eye.

I say we take an informal

I say we take an informal pole whether or not we want him to ever race again. He has got to read this site so maybe he will just go away if enough of us get the message across. He has got to be the most hated rider in the history of masters racing in Colorado. Such an a-hole.

I saw him crash at Longmont a couple of years ago. Too bad it did not cripple him for life.