Training Peaks - Tour de France Power Data

We received an email this afternoon from Elizabeth Hartman at Training Peaks. Training Peaks wants to share power data from the Tour de France. Here is what she said:

Hope you're doing well and enjoying the drama of the Tour de France so far! We have been getting some great power files from Team Saxo Bank that really show what it takes to race at such an elite level. For example, check out the data from Stage 9, when Andy Schleck rode into the yellow jersey with some amazing support from his team mate Chris Anker Sorensen who rode at an average of over 300 watts for 6 hours! That's almost 6000 calories burned, or, as one commentator put it, "the energy equivalent to about 300 donuts!"

Blog Post - Andy Schleck In Yellow

We'll keep you updated as the race goes on - please feel free to share any of our data and commentary with your readers! You can find analysis from all the stages so far here:

Power Files

Hunter Allen, author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, is working on an article commenting on all of the data we've received for the race so far.

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