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Lance and Ritter make big announcement Wednesday at capitol Lance's tweet on event

There has been alot of speculation about a Colorado stage race. Lance Armstrong has met with Gov. Ritter. Well it looks like things are coming together.
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Colorado stage race to launch in 2011

By Brian Holcombe • Updated: Jul 30th 2010 1:59 PM EDT

After two years of speculation, a new eight-day Colorado stage race is set to roll out in August or September 2011.

According sources that spoke with VeloNews on the condition of anonymity, the event will debut next year as an eight-day UCI stage race, following a schedule similar to that of the now-defunct Tour of Missouri.

Lance Armstrong and representatives from Governor Bill Ritter’s office have worked together since early 2009 to bring a major stage race to the state. Medalist Sports, promoters of the Tours of California, Georgia and Missouri, are involved in the event as well, and according to sources, an official announcement on the event will come next week.

Despite studies showing positive economic impact from the event, the State of Missouri Tourism Board withdrew its title sponsorship of that state’s own UCI race earlier this year. Medalist pulled the plug on the Tour of Missouri in May, opening a slot in the calendar for a new event in 2011. With the Missouri race’s September time slot open, as well as a new, two-race ProTour series in Canada the same month, the late season, pre-world championships timeframe for the Colorado race is a feasible scenario.

Colorado and Maryland have been among the states rumored to be vying to replace the Tour of Missouri as home to the second major stage race in the U.S. behind the Tour of California. All signs this week point toward Colorado assuming that position.

Sources did not comment on the title sponsor for the race. Coors Brewing Company sponsored the last major race of this kind in Colorado, the Coors Classic, which disbanded after its tenth running in 1988. Speculation has surrounded Armstrong’s role in the new race and whether he would bring the title sponsor to Colorado.

Medalist representatives declined to be interviewed for this story, opting to withhold comment until the official announcement.

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Find Sponsor First

They need to find and sign a Sponsor First. This would be the 4th "Pro" Stage Race in the last Decade to be put on the calendar in Colorado, only to be "Cancelled" because of a lack of a sponsor. It would cost in the $3 to $5 Million range for 8 day UCI SR in Colorado.
What about the 2011 NCR Stage Race in Ft. Collins? Is the Pro Crit for this year ready to go? NCR Crit $50K= Budget, SR $100K+.

ToCo Stage Race

Really? The Tour of Colorado is just a series of races where points are awarded not a stage race. I dont think most people even know that it even exists.

I think it is a stretch to call it a "strong brand" but I do agree that whom ever is organizing this Colorado Stage race should not just start calling it the Tour of Colorado.


You should get your sarcasm meter recalibrated. The previous poster was not serious in saying that the 'Tour of Colorado' was a strong brand. Everyone except the 'owner' of the name realizes that.


....Please do something with that phrase or let someone else do something with it , because right now it is useless the way you are using it. I hope its not copywrited cuz if it is, what a diservice

You know it's kind of

You know it's kind of surprising that you would say something like "what a diservice" without probably even knowing what Andy has done for cycling in Colorado over the past 20 years--who do you think has been talking to the state capitol for a number of years and trying to solicit major corporations to run an event? Patrick O'Grady's blog (http://maddogmedia.com/wordpress/?p=3551) had an interesting article about the ToC that talks a little about Andy. Don't get me wrong it's great that LA and the Medalist guys are interested and might make something happen but the end of the day Andy had the foresight to do a Tour of Colorado so maybe they should give him a call and come to an arrangement.

I don't mean...

...to be a wet blanket here, but how many times have we heard this, especially out of that guy from the Springs? Maybe if Lance and Ritter are behind it, there's a chance, but aren't both of those guys on their proverbial ways out anyway? I'll gladly volunteer if it helps, but my eyebrows raised about this much when I read that.