Tour de France vs. Tour de Super Flag

Guest-author, Joshua Crane

If you are anything like me, you have been waiting anxiously the entire year for this amazing two-week period of cycling where superhuman achievements can be witnessed right in front of your eyes. The Tour De France is considered by many to be the hardest bike race on the planet. 22 teams, consisting each of 9 riders, compete against each other for a handful of different challenges, most significantly the overall leaders yellow jersey.

While watching the tour, I find myself re-kindling my lovely relationship with my road bike and its amazing ability to make me the happiest an individual could be, all while suffering to great lengths. One thought I find consistently arising while in these painful moments of clarity is how much longer and steeper are some of the famous climbs in The Tour De France. In order to bring things all together, below is a comparison of a few categorized climbs from both Boulder and France.

[Editor's note:] This sort of puts things into perspective, eh? Get out there this weekend and get your "yellow jersey" in the way that suits you. Maybe it's a PR on Super Flag. Maybe it's a PR on the way to grab ice-cream with your kids. To paraphrase Joshua, rekindle your lovely relationship with your bike and its amazing ability to make you the happiest an individual can be.

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