Top 50 Bicycle Cities in the United States

Priconomics researcher Rohin Dhar looked at six months of Craigslist data to find the top cities for cycling in the United States. She titled the blog post The Fixie Bike Index

She counted the number of bicycle for sale posts nationwide and found that San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago had the most bike listings. With the population density of these cities this isn’t surprising. She then looked at the data per capita and came up with these rankings.

This is just a portion of what she analyzed and some of the data is very interesting. For the complete article go here

I first saw this article on Cyclelicious

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Questioning the results

Number of bikes for sale on Craigslist? That sounds a lot like people getting rid of their bikes, and it seems to me a very sketchy way to gather data. A few years ago Davis, CA was listed as one of the top cycling cities in US and it's not even on the list. Anchorage? Really? I'm guessing people who moved there from lower 48 dragged their bike along and are now trying to get rid of it on Craigslist.