Tom Zirbel - Retires from Cycling?

I dont know Tom Zirbel but I truly believe he is innocent. From his blog today:

I'm tired of having my destiny in someone else's hands. But today is a different day. Today is the day I take back the reins. However, today is not yesterday...yesterday was the day I was to cut all ties completely. Today, I have a slightly cooler head but the idea is the same. You can thank Rebecca for this 'resignation' letter not going out yesterday:

I officially received a 2 year sanction notification from USADA today. No big surprise, right? I alluded to this weeks ago. But my reaction is a surprise. Call it the straw that broke the camel's back – I don't know. Whatever the trigger, I've decided to walk away from the sport. I haven't talked to the friends and family or anyone else about this. Call it a rash decision if you like, but I'll try to explain my reasoning so that you can understand where I'm coming from.

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He's not innocent, but the transgression was. He's admitted testing positive the whole time...but he's got a defensible position of contaminated product a la Moniger...but he's not innocent. I feel for the really sucks for him and is a loss for US cycling. Oh yea..and these stupid captcha letter suck...