Thursday Cruiser struggles with image

Every Thursday some Boulder cyclist gather together for the Boulder Cruiser Ride. Over the years this ride has had its fair share of troubles with residents and the law. Originally some viewed it as a Thursday Critical Mass or at least attempted to turn it into that and the lawlessness got out of hand. Years later they are still struggling with their identity and culture but much of that might not be entirely their doing. In today's Daily Camera there is a letter in the opinion section titled Riding a Bike Thursday isn't a Crime Here are some quotes from it...

As the numbers began to grow, the Boulder Police initially cracked down on issues such as open containers of alcohol, and traffic safety violations. They wanted to hold someone responsible for the actions of the group. So it didn't take long for the "elders" of the ride to recognize the importance of the Ride policing itself.

We eventually reached a point, however, when we discovered that despite our efforts to educate all Thursday Night Cruisers, we simply could not manage the sheer number of riders showing up to ride every week. Specifically, we noticed a great deal of underage riders, with no bike lights, many of whom were very inebriated. A couple of years ago we tried staging the "end" of the Thursday Cruiser Ride. But they knew we were still cruising every Thursday, and we knew nobody could stop kids from riding their bikes on a Thursday.

It is a shame that a few riders of this group are unintentionally trying to kill it my their lack of respect for the law and other citizens. I've done a cruiser ride and for the most part it is a very fun event especially when other act appropreaitly. Now is the crack down on the Cruiser ride entirely the Crusier rides fault, most likely not. Replace the word "Thursday Cruiser Ride" with "The Bustop Ride" or the "Noon ride", "Networking ride", "Wednesday Worlds", etc. and the story is pretty much the same. Is it time we held up a mirror to our behaviors?

303Cycling's next story will be on the Bustop ride and it's impact on Boulder's cycling culture". Stay tuned.

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The cruiser ride, like a lot

The cruiser ride, like a lot of other things is a victim to its own success. It was a fun event and you can't control admittance...these two factors lead to what you see today. For the record, I sat and watched the 'cruiser' ride go by the other day on the Creek Path. I guessed that about a third had some form or lighting. They were, however spread out so long and thick that it took almost 5 full minutes of highschoolers riding by to finally see the tail end of it.

boulder is the problem, not the ride

Boulder is famed for killing great things. Can we not name the death of numerous things that would have made boulder famous, yet, when the 'fun' goes to the masses, then suddenly the fascists must shut it down:

1) Pearl street halloween mall crawl

2) Kinetic Sculpture challenge

3) Red Zinger

4) Thursday cruiser ride

5) Pirate pub Crawl

6) Soap Box Derby

7) Burning sofas on the hill

8) TIF financing that would have made Crossroads site an actual "live/work" community

I'm sure this list could go on, but these are just a few of the stupid shit that boulder has shut down. The boulder elitists have nothing better to do but bitch and complain and then stop anything that appears "organized," or fun, or inclusive. I'm actually suprised that the Boulder bolder has survived this long. Let's take the fun killers out and flog them!

Down with all you old hippies that have become fascists!

Mall Crawl & Kinetics -

Mall Crawl & Kinetics - Great when they where small "Boulder" events. Got to large and out of control for their own good. Not sad to see them go. Was not fun in final years, just stupid. Why do you need 20,000 idiots around you to have fun? Hope the new Mall Crawl Organizers have a good insurance policy.

Red Zinger - Coors - ? - Need a $3 to $10 Million Sponsor to get back a week long PRO stage race in Colorado.

Cruiser Ride - Still going on... Had to get rid of the Losers.