Book Review - The Complete Guide to Climbing by Bike

As the weather begins to show stronger signs of Spring we can return to the hills! For many riding uphill is that perfect moment where you are alone in the beauty of nature.... it's the roadies version of that perfect single track. For others climbing is the true measurement of strength. Whatever your reason is for riding up, now is the time and this is the book you may want to get!

The Complete Guide to Climbing by Bike in Colorado is a great simple reference guide to all of the major cycling climbing routes in Colorado showing great important and basic information on all these routes like

  • Distance
  • Total Elevation gain, average % gain and max % gain
  • Directions on arriving at the ride
  • Climb rating (think Tour de France style almost)
  • General information, traffic, sights, tips, etc.

But one of the coolest thing about this reference book is it's lists, they have:

  • Climbs with Greatest Length of 10%
  • Fastest Decents
  • Most Scenic
  • Steepest Climbs
  • and many more!

We all climb for different reasons, and those list can help you find routes outside of your normal riding area to find something new to do on a long Colorado weekend!

But the book is more, something I completely did not expect, the first 3rd of the book is a training book on how to riding climbs better, tips on descending, and a history lesson on the great climbing moments in the sport of cycling.

This book is a MUST have for those looking for find something OUTSIDE of their normal riding routes, something to use to discover new riders that you could play on during a Colorado long weekend this summer. The book can be purchased at Amazon for $12.95 but only 3 are left in stock so order yours today!

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