303’s Holiday Wish List: 2013

The Holidays. Whewww-eeeee. Don't panic. It's okay. We've got everything you need to make the season bright for the beloved cyclist in your life. We'll take care of the gifts, you take care of...family, school programs, awkward holiday parties, cookie baking, etc.

*First of all. Might we suggest you send a card? A good card. A handwritten note on a really good card, (regardless of which holiday you celebrate) has old fashioned class. A card from "My July" would be our favorite. Local artist, Melissa Hession takes the old and makes it new with her whimsical, often Colorado-based art. Cards, for your loved ones and little buttons and magnets for the elves in your life. Melissa coincidentally, is also knee deep in her first season of cx. One of the gang.

Ahem. Now on to the list. There are four parts to our mightly list; Gifts of gear, gifts of cheer, books and stocking stuffers. Click on the links for more info. on each item. We hope you enjoy!

Gifts of Gear

  1. The Molteni Long-sleeve Jersey (from VeloJerseys). This Colorado company offers the classic gift warmth. Raglan sleeves along with Quadtech Plus winter fabric to keep the chill away on Autumn and early Spring rides. (Only available Winter 2013). Use the coupon code, "303cycling" for 25% off through Dec. 15th! Vintage-awesome.
  2. Jpaks Adventure Paks. Joe Tonsager, an industrial designer by trade and a cyclist by nature, not only designs, but he makes and uses his packs. His handmade craftiness will take you and your bike on any adventure you are fit enough for.
  3. The Pandana, from Curve. This versatile item is easy to keep in a pocket or bag until you need it. Perfect for commuters, cold-weather-die-hards and skiing. The best part is you can wear it over your nose and not feel like your suffocating. Merry Christmas!!
  4. Pactimo charity apparel. Quality (well-priced) products for a fantastic cause! Pactimo regularly partners with all sorts of happy, charitable organizations to donate a portion of their sales to support their worthy causes. CO-based Pactimo is also a proud sponsor of the BRAC. This proves they can keep even the grumpiest of elves happy--Colorado bike racers. Not an easy feat.
  5. Handlebar Mustache t-shirt. Owners Brett and Ashley know Colorado is the coolest place to live and ride ever. But "Don't Ride like a Douche" is just good advice no matter where you live.
  6. Feedback Sports Velo Hinge. Feedback consistently turns out the best products for bike maintenance and bike STORAGE. This hinge design allows bike to swing left or right, thereby optimizing available storage area. Rear wheel bumper prevents bike from swaying and you can fold the hook away when it's not in use.
  7. Timbuk2 phone case. I've had many failed, pathetic efforts at carrying my phone with me while I ride. Ziplock baggies, plastic carriers that have melted to my back or frozen and cracked. I got this as a gift LAST Christmas and it's still going strong--even with all my abuse and instagraming while riding.
  8. SKS Xtra Dry Reat Seatpost Fender. Many of us ride for transportation as well as for sport. If you do, you know that nothing ruins a ride faster than back sleet. Nothing. Aside from being hit by a car, of course. This fender can definitely help you with the former problem. You are on your own for the latter.
  9. Castelli Donna Windstopper gloves and the Viziata Jacket. For the female bad-asses in your life who require a little more when the temps are...a little less. I wore and tested both of these the last few frigid days (the gloves layered under big mittens, of course). Did they hold up? YOU BET. To be formally reviewed in the near future...
  10. Shredly Apparel for women."Mountain biking is awesome, but the selection of riding apparel for women is not. Women are rad and there’s no reason why they can’t look good and feel good when they’re tearing up the single track. Furthermore, there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible to buy gear that can cross over into all the other sports that women love." Colorado woman owned, and made in the USA.

*Now for some gifts that will inspire and delight. Slightly out of the box.
Gifts of Cheer

  1. Pro Bike Express Package for Cx Nats.My friend, Chandler Snyder and company are ready to hook you up for Cross Nationals. Pro Bike Express has provided professional services and atmosphere for amateur athletes, both at a National and International Level, who look for a better way to race and have the support needed during their event. There are several levels of support from "Cat 4/Citizen" all the way up to "Pro". No one babies your bike at the races like Pro Bike Express. Give someone you love (or yourself) a carefree race.
  2. Map Art by Jess D'Amato. Local cross racer and artist, Jess D'Amato mixes the places you love to ride with the cyclist. A unique gift for anyone, anywhere.
  3. 12 weeks of indoor cycling classes at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Want to be ready and fit for racing come Spring? This all but guarantees it. Registration opens on December 12th for these notoriously amazing, Power-Max classes that will run January-March.
  4. Coaching: Speaking of being ready. You might be to that point where a coach could make a huge difference. You already train. Maybe try training with some professional guidance. Remotely even. You don't have to live along the Front Range of Colorado to get coached like you do. Some of our favorites include; Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Fas Cat Coaching, Ann Trombley, of Trail Master Coaching, Train Smart Coaching, etc. Do a little research, ask a friend and give the gift of focus.
  5. A Clinic with Lee McCormack at Valmont Bike Park. Give the gift of skills and you'll be a hero.
  6. Book a Wine Tour by bike in Palisade. See the impressive vineyard sites our beautiful state has to offer this summer. Book it now and dream of sunny days and good wine.
  7. Stained-glass bike art by Glassisum. A different view of the bike.
  8. Assorted, cool bike stuff from Vital Industries. From tandem bike patterned pint glasses to baby onesies, this creative, Colorado husband-wife duo is destined for greatness.
  9. Spindaroos: "active wear for active kids." There might be nothing cuter than a baby in a time-trialist climbing uni. I kid you not.
  10. Women’s Racing Calendar. Motivating and inspiration for the budding professional female racer in your life.


  1. Skills, Drills and Bellyaches: a Cyclocross Primer,
    by "In the Crosshairs", Bill Schieken. A crazy-helpful book for all levels of cross from one crazy-cool guy.
  2. Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike) In Colorado by John Summerson.
  3. Cyclists & Cycling Around the World: Creating Liveable & Bikeable Cities(edited by Juan Carlos Dextre, Michael Higes & Lotte Bech). The book presents 25 different experts from around the world who have contributed with cases covering topics such as; Cycle Culture, Liveable and Bikeable Cities, Cycle infrastructure, Safety for Cyclists, Bicycles, Cycling Policy, Cycle Advocacy and Education. Won't you feel smart.
  4. The Bike Snob Travels Abroad by Christopher Koelle.
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder by Dave Barter.
  6. Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die by Chris Santella. Life is short. Ride your bike through amazing places.
  7. Reading the Race: Bike Racing from Inside the Peloton by Jamie Smith.
  8. On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life by Amy Walker.
  9. Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bikeby Grant Petersen.
  10. The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple by the Velominati.
  11. Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka. A lovely rendition of the happy trials and tribulations we all went through and will go through for generations to come.

Stocking Stuffers:

  1. Leg Lube Shaving Gel. The best shaving gel in the world for athletes. In the world. Is it mere coincidence that it's in a festively packaged bottle? We think not. Like a smooth-legged candy cane.
  2. Green Guru zipper pulls. How many times have you fumbled for a zipper and nearly wrecked not only your bike but all of humanity? If you're like me, many. Get these recycled beauties for you or a loved one and save the world.
  3. A four pack of "The Heckler" (from Boulder Beer). This Belgian-style Tripel (8% ABV) has been brewed in commemoration of the upcoming, Boulder-hosted 2014 Cyclo-cross National Championships. The Heckler will only be available in Colorado--so if you have out of state friends and family, this could be a crowd pleaser for all the elves.
  4. Salted Caramel Flavored GU's. These are so delicious. "Magically delicious", in fact. And better than "Lucky-Charms-Magically-Delicious" because we all know the Yeti would eat Lucky the Leprechaun, given the chance.
  5. Mad Alchemy Embrocation. There are many levels of "madness". My current favorite? Russian Tea Blend. "Cinnamon and clove undertones with a nice spiced citrus bouquet." Mmmmmmmmm. Toasty.
  6. Velo Bling Designs. "Recycling bikes into unique, sleek and funky jewelry and art." Funkalicious.
  7. A bottle of Boneshaker Zinfandel Wine. Seriously cool label, seriously delicious wine. The perfect stocking stuffer or host/hostess gift.
  8. Andi’s Chocolates. These chocolates are just as amazing as the woman who makes them. Cyclist, Andi Burnum of Golden, CO not only taught me the art of Cyclo-cross, but that chili powder and chocolate are an even better match than embro and knees.
  9. Cross Propz, portable barriers. Paul McCarthy came up with the most brilliant solution to practicing a seamless dismount/mount sequence anywhere. One of these fills an entire stocking for a loved one. Way better than a chocolate orange. And guaranteed to make you faster than eating a chocolate orange as well.
  10. Apples and Cinnamon (hot) Skratch Mix. Oh, goodness. This stuff is so delicious, you'd swear it had been mulling on the stove for hours. Perfect post-ride/race treat.

And. There. You. Go.
There is simply no excuse for not finding the right gift for the cyclist in your life. And if that cyclist is you all you have to do is share this link. Or print the list off and highlight what you want and maybe slyly hot-glue-gun it to the refrigerator handle or the coffee maker. Just remind the receiver of your gifts that no matter how good it smells, the embro goes on your knees and the chocolates go in your mouth. NOT the other way around. That would be crazy.

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