Mindful Bike's Fall Food Drive...ahem...Ride

The Mindful Bike is a wonderful little city bicycle shop located at 12th & Madison in the Congress Park neighborhood just east of downtown Denver. Yes, they sell city and cargo bikes but they are really all about the community.

"We believe bikes belong in people’s lives and we believe they belong in the city. We believe bikes are a simple mechanism to enliven spirits, strengthen communities, develop bright green cities, reduce pollution, emissions, and waistlines, and help people remember how fun unencumbered mobility can be. We provide simple bicycles for everyday use. Some might call it citizen cycling or upright cycling. We just think about it as transportation – transportation that is efficient, experiential, and wind-in-your-hair fun. Ride to work, to school, to the store, to the theater, or to pick up the kids – a practical bicycle that comes with a little whimsy. Stop by the shop and ride a bike that is meant to be ridden in whatever you’re wearing for the day. No lycra, logos, gloves, or special shoes required. We’ll see you here..."
-Jason and Kyle (co-owners of The Mindful Bike)

And they'd really love to see you there for their 3rd annual Food Drive.
"Join us for our 3rd Annual Food Drive. We're collecting donated food for the Food Bank of the Rockies, which we will deliver via #cargobike and a couple of new bike trailers, including a new 96" trailer. [Editor's note: Mmmm. A 96" trailer packed with food.]

Donations can be brought to several locations this year, including: Under the Umbrella Café, The Lamb Shoppe, Capitol Heights Pharmacy and of course, The Mindful Bike. On the last day of the food drive, we will be transporting all items by bicycle to the Food Bank of the Rockies. We would like to encourage our neighbors to ride up to the Food Bank with us. It is a nice, 7 mile ride and the weather has never failed to be pleasant for us!"

If you have more questions or would like more info. please call Jason or Kyle at The Mindful Bike: 720-350-4256. OR you can catch updates on The Mindful Bike's facebook page:

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