The Gear Movement Pro Cycling Team sends one to Italian XC World Cup

The Gear Movement Pro Cycling Team sends one of it’s own to Italian XC World Cup

The Gear Movement Pro Cycling Team’s Deidre York will be representing the USA at the Italian Val di Sole XC World Cup, June 15th. This will be Deidre’s first World Cup appearance in the U23 category.

Last year’s runner up at U23 Cross Country National Championships, Deidre, an Indio CA native, is no stranger to international competition. “I raced on this course as a junior in 2008. If it’s anything like it was I’m looking forward to the short steep climbs and nasty technical descents. If it rains it’s going to be crazy”.

At a prime 22 years old Deidre can already look upon what many would consider a stellar racing career with notable results including 19th at last years U23 World Championships in Austria and 7th at Ute Valley Pro XTC in Colorado Springs, CO. Recently graduated from CU College where she earned a Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences degree, Deidre has more experience than most girls in her class. “I started racing at an early age and just fell in love with bikes, it was fun for me. I enjoy the travel and getting to ride and race in new places.”

Seemingly typical answer for a pro bike racer but Deidre takes her own stance on the whole Pro bike racing thing. “I’m supported well from my Gear Movement team. When I get the chance to race with the National team it’s a genuine honor. I raced allot of collegiate stuff before turning Pro in 2010 and was boarder line burned out by age 19. I currently have no big ambitions to be on a larger team, besides I love my teammates and that the team is based here in Boulder.”

Again this scenario isn’t too uncommon among young talented athletes. Many get started very early and don’t get the chance to be kids. “I started racing at the age of 9 so I missed allot of normal teenage stuff with all the commitments. For me now it’s all about having fun.” Wise words.

Deidre is aiming for a top 15 in this coming Italian World Cup, which is completely reasonable considering where she stacks among the top US girls. The technical challenges (both natural and man-made) of the course are well suited for her skill set. “I prefer the natural terrain over the man-made stuff but the crowds will go nuts in those tech section so it’s really still allot of fun.” Some of her favorite races include the Missoula Montana Pro XTC, with it’s super fun and flowing trails, varying technical climbs and descents along with it’s now infamous 5ft “A-Line” gap drop that many racers won’t attempt. “I was one of three girls even doing it!” she states. Obviously she’s comfortable in the air and letting it rip on the descents.

Keep an eye on this one. Deidre York may just turn some heads in the coming months.

Brief Bio - Deidre York
Age 22
Home – Indio, CA
Living – Boulder, CO
Team – The Gear Movement Pro Cycling Team
Sponsors – The Gear Movement, Point 6 Socks, Kali Protective’s, Carbo Rocket, Voler Apparel, Orbea Bikes, Stages Power Meters.
Work? – Receptionist at the Saint Julian Hotel in Boulder.
Love? – Dating Sam Morrison for almost 3 years!
Wants? – Race the 2013 U23 World Championships in South Africa

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