Colorado Koppenberg Circuit Race

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Looking for 2015 Koppenberg?

The Colorado Koppenberg Race is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado. This rustic setting sits next to the famous Morgul Bismark Hill and makes for a very idealic Colorado race. Plagued by the evils of Mother Nature the dependability of the race is usually in question. Many racers set this as a goal for the year and some travel great distances to complete in this unique one-of-a-kind dirt race with a classic redneck version of the European Koppenberg Hill. Those who do well here are marked men at the King of the spring time cycling event, the Boulder Roubaix

Course Description:
The race is road cycling event with dirt road sections modeled after the infamous European Roubaix race. The 5.5 mile loop consists of a 2.5 mile dirt section that ends with a short but very steep hill. The 200 meter long "Koppenburg" hill has a 17% slope and takes its namesake from the legendary hill in the Tour of Flanders hill in the Tour of Flanders. The remainder of the course is rolling paved road. There are no dirt downhill sections and the entire course is rideable on a road bike which makes for a very safe course. For years the race has been promoted by Boulder Racing the same people who put on other great Colorado road and cyclocross events. The race is named after the famous Koppenberg.

Men's Winners Women's Winners
  • 2015 Gage Hecht
  • 2014 Drew Christopher
  • 2013 Frank Pipp
  • 2012 Jesse Goodrich
  • 2011 Yannick Eckmann
  • 2010 Jason Donald
  • 2009 Westly Gough
  • 2008 Ivan Stevic
  • 2007 Frank Pipp
  • 2006 Moninger, Scott
  • 2005 Dirk Friel
  • 2004 Will Frischkorn
  • 2015 Coryn Rivera
  • 2014 Kristen Peterson
  • 2013 Kate Powlison
  • 2012 Jennifer Triplett
  • 2011 Beth Fisk
  • 2010 Alison Powers
  • 2009 Beth Fisk
  • 2008 Chellie Terry
  • 2007 Lynn Bessette
  • 2006 Kori Seehafer
  • 2005 Gretchen Reeves
  • 2004 Ann Trombley
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    Front Range Classic

    For those of you who missed this, you should add this race to your calender next year. It appears to be held in April every year, benefits the AFA cycling team. The road race consists of laps on some of the best maintained roads in the state, the route is difficult. BEWARE, this is not an ACA race and results will take days, so stay calm after the race.

    Can't wait

    Very excited for the Koppenberg this year, it's a can't miss event! Just saw a snap shot of the handmade awards and they look great, new website is also sharp. Went out last week to check things out and the roads are in perfect shape, now if I can find my climbing legs!

    2s only

    Can we have a 2s only race? Most 2s I know cannot compete against the Pros, so every race we enter is a procession to a pack finish. Try as we might, Zirbel and company ends up chewing us up and spitting us out.

    i get that

    the fields in the P12 arent big enough to have seperate races, but seperate scoring would be nice, and reasonable.

    the big problem is that its a total disincentive to upgrade from 3.

    I'm a strong 3 with a good shot at catting up soon, but watching my friends, strong regional riders with full time jobs who kick my ass in local races, get killed by paycheck guys every week doesnt really inspire me to take the next step.

    if there was a more reasonable progression rather than the steep, more or less insurmountable gulf there is now, i'd be more motivated.

    the case for cat 2 races in Colorado

    The P12 field is small because of exactly your point. Win races / do well in 4s and upgrade to 3s. Win races / do well in 3s and upgrade to 2s. Now instead of the same steady progression of similar fitness racers, you're racing against the pros. Can you hang on to a surge of 400W for 10 minutes multiple times in a road race? I can't and I did very well in the 3s with multiple race wins.

    It's cool to be in P12 races and compete against guys that get paid to race. This is probably the one sport I can think of where amateurs can race directly against big-time pros. However, because of the wide gulf in fitness between a super-strong cat 3 and a Pro, upgrading to 2s and racing in CO is the quickest way I can think of to stop racing all together. Sure, you can do age group races if you are over 30, but what about the 20-somethings who are super strong, but get demorilized by upgrading through the ranks to cat 2, then getting decimated at every race. Other 3s see this and now the 3s becomes a sandbagger category.

    The problem lies in building the foundation and fitness to race against the pros prior to entering a pro race (or a P12 race in this case). I'll be the first to tell you that I was super excited the first year racing in the P12s. It's awesome. However, after 2 1/2 years of getting in breaks, only to get obliterated once the pros decide to put in a "real" effort, drifting back to the pack, and sprinting out a 20th-something pack finish, I find it hard to motivate myself to race when I can predict the end result with 95% certainty.

    We need CAT 2 races in Colorado to avoid losing a lot of very strong racers from the effects of competing in races against professional caliber athletes without building the full fitness to be there. I know many CAT 2 racers that have lasted 2 years in the P12 category and no longer race.