Colorado Koppenberg Circuit Race

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The Colorado Koppenberg Race is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado. This rustic setting sits next to the famous Morgul Bismark Hill and makes for a very idealic Colorado race. Plagued by the evils of Mother Nature the dependability of the race is usually in question. Many racers set this as a goal for the year and some travel great distances to complete in this unique one-of-a-kind dirt race with a classic redneck version of the European Koppenberg Hill. Those who do well here are marked men at the King of the spring time cycling event, the Boulder Roubaix

Course Description:
The race is road cycling event with dirt road sections modeled after the infamous European Roubaix race. The 5.5 mile loop consists of a 2.5 mile dirt section that ends with a short but very steep hill. The 200 meter long "Koppenburg" hill has a 17% slope and takes its namesake from the legendary hill in the Tour of Flanders hill in the Tour of Flanders. The remainder of the course is rolling paved road. There are no dirt downhill sections and the entire course is rideable on a road bike which makes for a very safe course. For years the race has been promoted by Boulder Racing the same people who put on other great Colorado road and cyclocross events. The race is named after the famous Koppenberg.

Men's Winners Women's Winners
  • 2015 Gage Hecht
  • 2014 Drew Christopher
  • 2013 Frank Pipp
  • 2012 Jesse Goodrich
  • 2011 Yannick Eckmann
  • 2010 Jason Donald
  • 2009 Westly Gough
  • 2008 Ivan Stevic
  • 2007 Frank Pipp
  • 2006 Moninger, Scott
  • 2005 Dirk Friel
  • 2004 Will Frischkorn
  • 2015 Coryn Rivera
  • 2014 Kristen Peterson
  • 2013 Kate Powlison
  • 2012 Jennifer Triplett
  • 2011 Beth Fisk
  • 2010 Alison Powers
  • 2009 Beth Fisk
  • 2008 Chellie Terry
  • 2007 Lynn Bessette
  • 2006 Kori Seehafer
  • 2005 Gretchen Reeves
  • 2004 Ann Trombley
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    and I'm not even a dude, I'm

    and I'm not even a dude, I'm a SW3, but I get exactly what the SM2 are saying. It's the exact same thing the SW3 face when they are combined in a SW1-2-3 field. It's the same level of jump for us to race against the SW1-2 as it is for the SM2 to race against the Pro and Cat 1 guys.

    I'm not sure what the answer is to be honest. I know in the women's fields it's been shown that if you hold the SW3 category, people do show up for it and the field sizes grow; not to mention you get girls upgrading from 4. I'd be in favor of eliminating MW fields or just combining them and scoring them separately (even though I'm over 40) simply because the numbers in those fields are always so low.

    I agree with the "you'll

    I agree with the "you'll have more" post. Everyone in favor of splitting fields is not making a compelling argument for a promoter. If we saw 80-90 1-2 guys lining up then I could see a promoter justifying a split. A woman can argue that it makes a hell of a lot more sense to split the 3/4 women than the 1/2 men. Try being a female cyclist and going from a 3/4 race to a 1/2 race, that's a much bigger jump. Numbers wise they're growing and will demand more attention from promoters than the 1-2 men. Non of the 1-2 men are making a living from the Louisville Crit or Mead Roubaix, the majority of them have real jobs.

    35 Plus is harder than cat 2

    Msot 35 plus races in CO are harder than a cat. 2 only race. Don't beleive me, last time they held Kopp with a cat. 2 only race, the 35 plus race was faster. Same thing at NBP 2 years ago, cat 2 race was not that hard, but 35 plus was single file with guys like Nico and Kevin Nicol on the front driving it.

    To the OP, heck the pros cannot race ACA anymore, so you are getting what you want. Also why bother scoring cat 2 only? If you cannot do that well in a combined pro/1/2 race, why do you need the seperate scoring? To become a cat. 1 and just look like a fool? There are already some guys like that in CO, who are cat. 1's, but could not win a cat 3 race. Becoming a 1 is a big deal and to do it, you basically have to beat the other 1's and pro to get there.

    the only point to seperate

    the only point to seperate scoring would be to create races within races to at least give 2s an incentive to race hard even after the pro's light it up.

    as mentioned elsewhere, the current system is a brick wall for most racers. and a leads to either burnout or waiting for age group racing.

    as far as where 35+ falls, it depends on what youre looking at.

    my only absolute data set is finish times in TTs and HCs and by the looks of it 35+ is roughly similar to cat3 in TTs and considerably slower than cat3 in HCs... which make it hard for me to believe that the RRs and crits are as hard as Cat2 races.

    but i havent raced 35+ so i cant say that with certainty.