Colorado Koppenberg Circuit Race

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The Colorado Koppenberg Race is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado. This rustic setting sits next to the famous Morgul Bismark Hill and makes for a very idealic Colorado race. Plagued by the evils of Mother Nature the dependability of the race is usually in question. Many racers set this as a goal for the year and some travel great distances to complete in this unique one-of-a-kind dirt race with a classic redneck version of the European Koppenberg Hill. Those who do well here are marked men at the King of the spring time cycling event, the Boulder Roubaix

Course Description:
The race is road cycling event with dirt road sections modeled after the infamous European Roubaix race. The 5.5 mile loop consists of a 2.5 mile dirt section that ends with a short but very steep hill. The 200 meter long "Koppenburg" hill has a 17% slope and takes its namesake from the legendary hill in the Tour of Flanders hill in the Tour of Flanders. The remainder of the course is rolling paved road. There are no dirt downhill sections and the entire course is rideable on a road bike which makes for a very safe course. For years the race has been promoted by Boulder Racing the same people who put on other great Colorado road and cyclocross events. The race is named after the famous Koppenberg.

Men's Winners Women's Winners
  • 2015 Gage Hecht
  • 2014 Drew Christopher
  • 2013 Frank Pipp
  • 2012 Jesse Goodrich
  • 2011 Yannick Eckmann
  • 2010 Jason Donald
  • 2009 Westly Gough
  • 2008 Ivan Stevic
  • 2007 Frank Pipp
  • 2006 Moninger, Scott
  • 2005 Dirk Friel
  • 2004 Will Frischkorn
  • 2015 Coryn Rivera
  • 2014 Kristen Peterson
  • 2013 Kate Powlison
  • 2012 Jennifer Triplett
  • 2011 Beth Fisk
  • 2010 Alison Powers
  • 2009 Beth Fisk
  • 2008 Chellie Terry
  • 2007 Lynn Bessette
  • 2006 Kori Seehafer
  • 2005 Gretchen Reeves
  • 2004 Ann Trombley
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    Let's look at the data.

    Let's look at the data. Louisville Crit, SM3 had 59 and SM1-2 had 59. Mead SM3 had 57 and SM1-2 had 62. Doesn't look like too many sandbaggers in 3's not upgrading or else the # of 3's would have been much higher. Doesn't look like the 1-2's is larger enough to justify splitting, 30 guys in each race would be horrible. The #'s don't support your arguments. Separate scoring there's a case for, separate race there's no case for.

    You'll always have more

    You'll always have more beginners than pro's, that holds true for any sport. So you'll always have more 4's than 3, more 3's than 2's, more 2's than 1's. So why should a promoter have 2 races of 20-30 guys, when he can have 1 of 60 guys. If this was a crit that would tack on an extra hour to an already long day. I'm more in favor of adding a cat 5 field like USA Cycling. There's more sandbagging in the 4's than 3's because beginners have to start as a 4. So you're turning away more people at the entry level to the sport because they don't want to race fast 4's, who are legitimate 4's and shouldn't have to be 3's. Start this discussion with adding a cat 5, not splitting the smallest field even more. This discussion sounds like a bunch of 2's who are whining because they want more plastic trophies and $30 primes.

    Dear ACA

    Here's a bigger issue. Why is the ACA website promoting the Aspen Cycling Weekend when there's an ACA event that weekend? I'm sure Aspen paid $$, but really ACA, look out for your own. Don't question why you get grief when you do something like that.

    BRA C - stands for Colorado

    Maybe I am confused but C stands for Colorado, Aspen is an amazing town and community. I get that Aspen is pricey, however during spring, summer, fall it is very affordable to visit, and you will not find more scenic rides anywhere in the state. Hope that folks travel to this event it will be well worth it.

    OP here. I understand at

    OP here. I understand at crits that it's very difficult to add another category to an already long day of racing, but for a race like the Koppenberg (only P12 and 35+ racing from 11am-on) where multiple races can go at once, it makes sense to me. I'm not a 2, I'm a 1, but I sympathize with the recently upgraded 2s on my team who are getting killed (i.e. not finishing races) when they were winning many races last year. The jump is too large. I doubt you'd see many cat 3 upgrades if the P/1 was a race, the 2/3 was a race, and the 4 was a race. I suppose there is no good solution if looking through the eyes of a promoter trying to accomodate all the money-making age groupers.

    I think it would be interesting to see how many cat 1 upgrades occurred last year vs. how many cat 2 upgrades occurred. In fact, I doubt there is a single race last year where a cat 2 finished in the top 3. If you want to make money (like the promoter in Deer trail), you'll do everything in your power to prevent racers from upgrading to the 2s by offering a cat 4 race, cat 4/35+ race, cat 4/45+ race, cat 3 race, cat 3/35+ race, 65+, 55+, 45+, 35+, then combine all the 2s with the pros. doing this does nothing to produce talented riders in Colorado, it's just to make money. How many race categories to people past their prime need? Promoters will offer anything if it brings in people, not offer quality categories that go towards producing world class athletes.

    Please understand that every

    Please understand that every category you just listed as past their prime fills up. Most of them will have 60+ guys on the start line so it's necessary to have them. It's these masses who allow the promoters to make $$ and put on great races for every category (1's through 4's), so let's show some support. Deer Trail will put in hours and walk away with pennies compared to most events, especially a grand fondo or sunrise century type event.

    exactly. however we feel

    exactly. however we feel about having 25 different age based cat 4 races and all the different masters sub-divisions, they subsidize racing for the rest of us.

    i guess if nothing else i'd like to at least see seperate scoring for cat2s in P12 races. i have yet to hear a good argument against it.