The Climb to Ward

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Lefthand Canyon to Ward

This is a classic canyon ride from Boulder. The climb itself is not all that difficult BUT there are 16 miles of climbing and the last mile is steep. Start from North Broadway and head north on highway 36. Ride about 5 miles north and make a left on Lefthand Canyon.

This is where climbing starts. At 5 miles stay left and head to Ward. You now have 11 miles of steady climbing ahead of you. There are a few short sections of somewhat steeper climbing but its all pretty steady. Make sure you are prepared for this ride because the weather can change greatly from the base of the climb to the top.

At mile 15 the road makes a hard right turn and the pavement turns upward. You now have a little over a mile to the town of Ward. This is the steepest section of road and the grade is around 11%. Once you get to Ward take a break and refuel at the Utica Street Market.

Get ready for a long descent. You can retrace your steps or if you want to throw in a little more climbing you can take Lee Hill or Olde Stage back into Boulder.

  • Difficulty: (The last mile up to Ward is steep!)
  • 44 Miles
  • 4000 feet of climbing
  • The climb up Lefthand Canyon is never that steep until the last mile up to the town of Ward.
  • Bring some money to fuel up at the store in Ward.

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Need a Y axis

great ride reports, but your hill profiles really need a Y axis with the proper indexing of feet (starting elevation, ending elevation, etc..). These days with GPS and software, this is quite easy to obtain, download and display.


Ward Graph

Totally agree. We have been using the Android app My Tracks developed by Google. I should put in for a software enhancement. Whats interesting is that former professional bike rider Dylan Casey who now works for Google is part of the My Tracks team.