The Art of the Mantra. What's Yours?

What's your mantra? Diana Nyad had a mantra that somehow propelled her across an ocean during her fifth attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida. Her mantra was 'Find a Way'. What's yours?

Everyone has a shark or jellyfish or salty ocean. For some of us it's a steeply pitched hill. For others it's a cow grate. And for some of us it's just getting on the bike. Everyone has a challenge. Sometimes mine is as simple as finding time. And sometimes it's my inflammatory arthritis. I don't know a single person who doesn't have their version of Diana Nyads' jellyfish. Every single one of us has challenges. Even if you can't see them. Even if they don't talk about them.

So what do we do? A mantra is a great place to start. But what else will get you to go on that group ride that you keep getting invited to. Or what else will get you to try a race or a 100 mile ride. What will get you to try that rocky area at Marshall Mesa or the link trail to Betasso or that fill in the blank trail where you live. What will push you over the edge that will allow you to finally do something you suspect you might love. Or at least like. What will it take for you to stop getting in your own way.

Diana Nyad had a prosthetic mask made for her face so that the jellyfish couldn't sting her face. Go out and find your proverbial prosthetic mask. Find your mantra. Get on your bike. Sign up. Show up. There is no worst case scenario.

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I've got many mantras that keep me going. One is "did you spend a bit of time taking care of yourself today?" And usually the best time spent taking care of myself is just being on my bike and riding...