That’s A Wrap: Beti Bike Bash 2013

Author: Cheri Felix

That’s A Wrap: Beti Bike Bash 2013

You think you know how great something is. And then you do it a third time. And it’s better than ever. That’s how it was at the Beti Bike Bash on Sunday; completely better than ever.

The Beti’s continue to put on a first class event. This year they added a ‘Never Ever’ category. I’m proud (and humbled) to say that five of my friends raced in this category. And they finished strong! Those friends lined up with 41 other Never Evers! This year boasts 300 racers total! Of course the pros were out in full force; Georgia Gould, Erin Huck, Teal Stetson-Lee, Judy Freeman, Heather Irmiger and so many more.

If you’ve never raced the Beti Bike Bash bookmark their site right now. Because you don’t want to miss out. I am not overstating this when I say it’s the most fun, the coolest, the best organized and the raddest thing you will want to do in 2014. The race is incredible. I know you may find this hard to believe but I truly feel that it can be a game changer. It can propel you. It shows you what you’re made of. It shows you how strong you are and how capable you are and just how amazing you are. To paraphrase Larry Grossman as he called the race, lining up is hard. It’s one thing to sign up but to line up for a mountain bike race, especially if you are a ‘Never Ever’, that is tough. Cause guess what? It is hard. It can be scary. It can be intimidating. But it is great.

How did I place? Well, I raced in the Sport Cat which means I’m not a beginner and I’m far from an expert. I placed 9th out of 22. I was a minute 42 seconds off 3rd place (podium spot). Not that I’m counting. Very respectable. Very happy. I don’t race to win. If I did I’d never race because I’ve never won. Not in the approximate 30 short track races, the 1 Winter Park race and the 3 Beti Bike Bash races. The only race I’ve “won” was at Valmont and I was the only woman in my age and category. I guess that counts. Barely.

Take away: What will you do this year that will push yourself? What can you do to get another woman (or girl) to the start line? Will you only try something if you might win? Let me know what you come up with. Can’t wait to hear all about it. See you at the Beti Bike Bash in 2014!


Photo Credit: Cheri Felix

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Well that is unfortunate.

Well that is unfortunate. They did have day of race registration going strong. My 8 year old raced, participated in the Little Bella 2-day camp and got to chat with Georgia Gould. This was an awesome event! My wife was in the Sport class, daughter in the Little Bella's, my son got to do the little kids race and I got to demo the new SRAM XX1. Great weekend and event all around. Keep up the great work Yeti Betty's!

Happy to see it drawing new faces year after year

Great seeing this event bring new female faces into the sport every year and that attendees always have positive things to say. A big part of eventually seeing full women's fields in races is positive first impressions. Another opportunity with a similar vibe and same organizer is the Beti AllRide Clinic ( June 22 and 23rd at Keystone. I'll be up there doing photography, so say hi if you sign up!