Tension mounts in Deer Creek Canyon

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Tension mounts as 881 cyclists, 1,412 motorists share Deer Creek Canyon

In one hour on Saturday, 150 cyclists cruised along the narrow road that twists through Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County — a popular route known for both its scenery and palpable tensions between cyclists and motorists.

The strife between residents who drive the canyon roads and bicyclists began more than a decade ago, fueled by everything from aggressive motorists who honk and crowd cyclists, to discourteous cyclists who ride more than two abreast and urinate in front yards. In an effort to ease those tensions, Bike Jeffco surveyed and counted cyclists who passed through the canyon Saturday.

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Deer Creek Canyon tensions

I must agree with the great idea of having cyclists have a little license plate on their bikes, to help report scofflaws to the authorities. How can you not get behind the idea of someone on a twisty canyon road driving their Armada Titan up close to a bike to read the plate, then picking up their phone and dialing the police, to report unsafe behavior of the cyclist.