Tacks Glass Found Along Colorado Bike Race Routes

Tacks, glass found along Colorado bike race routes

Official: Objects purposely placed on road to be used for Pro Challenge
Associated Press
Posted: 08/16/2011 07:21:02 PM MDT

DENVER -- Colorado authorities are warning cyclists that tacks, box cutters and broken glass have been found strewn along popular bike routes that are part of course plans for major races next week -- including the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

The objects are being purposely placed on trails and roads, Jefferson County sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said Tuesday.

"We've had five or six incidents where things were put along popular bicycle roads," Kelley said. She said the incidents have caused several flat tires but no injuries.

The 100-mile Deer Creek Challenge, which takes place in a canyon south of Denver that is one of the most widely-used riding routes in the area, is scheduled for Sunday.

And a day later, elite cyclists from around the world will begin competing in the weeklong, 510-mile Pro Cycling Challenge, which culminates in a final stage that takes riders from Golden's Lookout Mountain in Jefferson County into downtown Denver.

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I hit some of these

I hit some of these. They were tiny black upholstery nails near Indian Hills. I double flatted and pulled a half dozen nails out of my tires.

The suggestion that they don't cause injury is false. Another lady flatted right near me in her rear tire. She pulled over to fix it and I told her to check her front as well. There were four nails in the front tire but it hadn't gone flat. She said "I think its holding fine" but I made her change it. Imagine if she had gone down the descent on the other side of the climb and those nails had done their job? Either of us could have been seriously injured, as was another cyclist on the Deer Creek descent a few weeks ago when he hit a patch of 2" deep gravel that had been intentionally pushed over the road. Broken bones resulted.

These actions are willful, and can/will cause harm to cyclists. I think they should be treated as criminal and prosecuted accordingly.

-Steve F.

It is very sad

I have experienced several incidents like this over the years including nails being thrown in the parking areas of popular MTB spots, tacks on the roads and even trails manipulated with rocks and logs put on blind portions of the trail all with the intention of hurting the people making use of that road or trail. It makes me sick to my stomach to think what the people who do this use to justify their actions in their minds.

I am not a religious person but I live my life by one rule, the Golden Rule as they call it. "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." It seems simple enough... doesn't it?

I don't understand the

I don't understand the motivations of a sociopath any better than you, and I'm certainly not excusing the behavior of those who deliberately want to hurt cyclists (or anyone, for that matter)... BUT, I also must say that every time I see a cyclist blow through a stop sign or pull up past a long line of cars at an intersection, only to force the drivers to have to pass them again, or flip off and/or scream at a driver, or buzz a pedestrian on a bike path, all I can think is 'great, now there's one more person who hates bicyclists'.

It's funny how we see what

It's funny how we see what we want to see. I'm a cyclist and I also drive most of the popular bike routes in Denver. Not once have I seen a cyclist impede traffic or cause any types of disruptions whatsoever. Sure it happens but it's rare. If I did see it I'd say something to them directly.

I often wonder if those people that get so upset when they see a cyclist blow an obscure stop sign somewhere in BFE, have ever jay walked or thrown a cigarette butt out of a car window, or some other small infraction they think is probably no big deal. Should they die for those infractions? Because dropping tacks on roads will likely kill somebody eventually if it hasn't already.

I agree- when out riding or

I agree- when out riding or driving, I never see any motorists breaking traffic laws of any kind. No cars rolling stop signs, everyone using their turn signals, never speeding or not yielding the right of way, and doing nothing but treating cyclists with respect and courtesy. And I've seen cyclists yell or flip off cars many times, for no reason at all(besides perhaps what the cyclist might call "reckless endangerment", but that's only their spandex-clad opinion).
Cyclists irritate motorists just by being around, and who's fault is that? You certainly can't blame the motorists, as they're not the ones out there in their fancy pants causing trouble.
Until cyclists learn to stop endangering the lives of motorists and creating traffic jams on the expressways, with their reckless behavior and disregard for traffic laws, we should expect a little blow-back, like attempts to injure or kill us.