Swobo Under New Owners - Moves to Fort Collins

Fort Collins is home to a new bicycle company called Swobo that offers bicycles, apparel and accessories.

Swobo, owned by California bicycle company, Santa Cruz, has relocated to Fort Collins and is in the process of re-launching the business under a new company called Fort Collins Bicycle Co.

Santa Cruz, whose primary focus is now mountain bikes, will have no direct involvement with FCBC and Swobo as it launches locally.

In addition to selling Swobo apparel and bicycles, the company also is planning to sell a children's line of bikes called Sprout. But Discoe said that Swobo was FCBC's No. 1 priority.

The new Swobo CEO and founder Peter Discoe, 42, of Columbia, S.C., said he and three partners have a global short-term licensing agreement for a partnership with Santa Cruz to rebuild the brand with the aim of owning it outright in the near future.

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