Morgul Bismark - Street Sprints

This weekend is the Superior Morgul Classic which includes the resurrection of the Morgul Bismark road race. Part of this weekend of racing is the Friday night Street Sprints. This is something a little different and I expect to be a great spectator sport. Below are a list of the rules for the Street Sprints.

Race Start and Staging: The start of the Street Sprints will be just west of the Community Park on Coalton Rd and South Indiana St. Racers will head east on Coalton Rd and finish at the intersection of Coalton Rd and Rock Creek Circle.

  • Staging will be continuous throughout the event. Please adhere to staging volunteer and officials’ instructions.
  • If you have placed in a sprint and progressed to the next round, please proceed directly back to the start line. Missed starts will constitute a DNF result.

Course Description: The course is a 250m straight roadway where racers start from a standstill and sprint the length of the course to the finish line. There is a slight uphill to the finish line.

Race Rules:

  • Pre-registration only for the Street Sprints, no onsite registration.
  • A start list will be posted by 2pm before the race.
  • Four to six racers race at one time, best two racers advance, bracketed format.
  • Racers will be “held” up by race volunteers so they can click into both pedals at the start line.
  • There will be no restarts due to mishaps or equipment failure.
  • Riders must be ready with a working bicycle by their start time. There will be no delays for flats, etc.
  • A false start will result in relegation for that round, even if other riders flinch or jump first.
  • Riders are required to ride in a straight line to the finish line and must leave room on their right and left for other riders to pass. Anyone moving into another rider abruptly may be disqualified from the event. In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct, the Chief Referee may allow affected rider to advance if they were in contention at the time of incident.
  • Road bicycles, fixed gear bikes with a working front brake, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes without bar-ends are acceptable. No aerobars, recumbents, or tandems.
  • Anyone riding towards the start on the course at any time may be disqualified.

The complete race bible can be downloaded here. There will be events for the whole family going on the whole weekend. Here is a schedule of events.

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