Superior Bike Park Progressing

We reported back in October that Superior was also getting a bike park. The new park is located at Rock Creek Parkway and Honey Creek Lane. Lee McCormack is designing and constructing the park. Here is an update from Lee's website.

Design and build a bike park for the community. Riders of all ages, levels and styles. The upcoming Valmont Bike Park in Boulder will draw hardcore riders; this can really focus on local kids, families and mountain bikers.

Required features
- Jumps
- Pump track
- Natural terrain a la Lyons Bike park
- Beginner area with Strider-approved pump tack

My hopes
This park will be fun for everyone.

This park will teach the skills riders need to rip the local trails. That’s what I tried in Lyons, and I think it came out nice. Heck, I’ve learned tons on the sandstone pyramid.

So far
I’m working through some ideas, getting closer to a final approach (which will change, and change, and change).

Designing a park is way more involved than designing an individual track or feature; every time you add a feature, the complications/considerations seem to increase exponentially.

The bike park is a small portion of a larger park being constructed. The City of Superior is providing status updates for the park construction.

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