Super Wallstreet, the ultimate Gravel Grumble of Boulder

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Tired of riding on the same routes every weekend? Want something new and different but not to extreme? Try Super WallStreet Gravel Grumble! This is in my opinion the BEST gravel summer route close to Boulder and the perfect alternative route to Ward and/or Jamestown with a fraction of the traffic and 2x the beauty.

The route, like all of our routes on 303cycling starts in Boulder and climbs up the Boulder Creek Path to Four Mile rd. Take this road until WallStreet. Bear with me, if you are on a Mountain Bike this section is a little boring but the fun is yet to come. This route can be done on a CX bike but you will need to use caution on some sections of Switzerland Trail. WallStreet is a beautiful road that have little traffic and lots of history. A few miles up you will reach a small old mining town with lots of relics of its rich mining past around, including a Assay Office/Museum that one can tour when open. This road rides the valley for several miles until you reach the even smaller town of Sunset (a town which the sun had already set on decades ago). At this point keep your eyes open because the entrance to both the northern route and the southern route of the Switerland Trail is VERY poorly marked! This picture shows the entrance to the northern route and the southern route is about 20 yards ahead kind of to the left. Once one the Switzerland Trail enjoy the views as it slowly climbs up towards Sugarloaf.

Once at Sugarloaf you can continue on the Switzerland Trail has it connects with the Peak to Peak Hwy or if you want to follow this route, take the exit road that will connect you to the paved road of Sugarloaf.

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From Super WallStreet

Descend Sugarloaf road for a half of mile and take a left on Mountain Pines Rd. Once on this road to can stay on Mountain Pines Rd or follow the map included, either route works in taking you to Logan Mill Rd. Once on Logan Mill it drops quickly so be cautious in the corners but soak up the beautiful mountain views and some burnt out forrest. This road returns you to Four Mile canyon where you can drop back into Boulder or keep the party going with a ride up Poor man's road.

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