Stolen Alchemy

Stolen Bike Alert!!!
Please help spread the word. The bike is a titanium frame with Enve bar, stem, post, and fork. The frame has anodized Alchemy logos and alchemist symbols. The components are SRAM black and Easton wheels (not shown in photo). It has now been spotted on the path twice but the guy has got away before we could catch him. If someone sees him, we ask that they call 911 or call us directly at 720.535.4444.
-Ryan Cannizzaro:

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911 should not be called!

911 should not be called!
#1. It is not an emergency
#2. Cops wont rush to get there b/c they don't care......
#3. Take the person out yourself, if you really want it back you need to TAKE IT BACK. Stand up for yourself and defend your property. Too many people rely on someone else (The Law) to do it and you will learn that they don't care about this stuff.