Stolen Bike - Red and Black Scott Comp

On June 26th a Red and Black Scott 2011 CX Comp Medium 54 was stolen from an underground parking garage at 11th and Walnut by Pearl Street in Boulder. The following is surveillance video acquired of the subject.

Guy walks by looking in the garage then makes an turn and walks in.

We see him from the rear as he enters.

He exits on the bike.

If you have any information that could lead to the identification of this person please contact Boulder Police non-emergency dispatch at 303-441-3333 and cite case #130070757

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Srsly? You didn't recognize

Srsly? You didn't recognize that as a smart a$$ comment? You really think anyone would believe that a locked bike would be perfectly secure and that person somehow hasn't ever read a single article about how easy it is to defeat locks/cables/chains???

thanks for clarifying it. Now we all know locks aren't infallible.