Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

This was passed on to us by one of our readers. This was taken from the USA Cycling website:

Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

Call-ups for non-UCI catetories at Cyclo-cross Nationals will be determined by rider ranking in USA Cycling's re-vamped Results and Ranking System, increasing the importance of results submission for local race directors. Start order for all non-UCI categories at the 2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships will be determined by rider ranking using the organization’s new, improved rankings system to debut Sept.1.

Cyclo-cross will be the first USA Cycling National Championship to use the remodeled rankings system to resolve call-up order for all race divisions other than Collegiate, Junior 17-18 and Elite. Following member feedback, this method of seeding aims to offer the most equitable and concise call-up procedure possible and does signify a departure from the previous approach of utilizing time trials, random drawings or based on when a rider registered online for Cyclo-cross National Championships.

USA Cycling’s new rankings system is set for public launch September 1, 2011. The rankings system will use an innovative algorithm to rank riders based on their results compared to other competitors rather than using an arbitrary event value. The new system will allow riders to achieve a ranking, based more on how well they race rather than how often. Rider rankings will be derived from an individual’s average of his/her top three results within a rolling 12 month period. More details on the revamped rankings program will be released in the coming weeks prior to the debut of the new system.

To ensure as fair and accurate a process as possible, USA Cycling is requesting all cyclo-cross race directors to submit results to USA Cycling in an accurate and timely fashion.

Basic instructions for submitting race results are available on the Race Directors page of

Posted by Andrea Smith - Jun 30, 2011
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Does this eliminate an ACA rider from being competitive at cyclocross nationals? Where does this leave ACA riders?

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Young People are Important Too

Is your argument, "The ACA is properly pandering to masters so the young guys need to move along?" Sure sounds like it.

If so, this is extremely short sighted. You do realize that the average age of the ACA is slowly creeping up and eventually they are going to look at the younger generation to fill in the gaps? Make enough of the young-ins angry and they (those that eventually put on events) might just start forgoing the ACA in favor of USAC.

Don't bite the hand that (eventually) feeds you.

Race Sponsorship doesn't

Race Sponsorship doesn't have anything to with ACA or USAC. It is up the Promoter to bring in sponsorhip. USAC doesn't bring in the sponsors, the promoter does. Larger the prizelist in USAC, the more you pay to USAC. 7% of total event prize list once the prize list is over $2000.

If you want a NRC race, you need to first find a big sponsor.

registration fee and payout have little relationship with...

You are mixing apples and oranges right?

Cost of registration is not determined directly by ACA or USAC, that is a promoter choice and payout too is a promoter choice.

What you want to know is the cost ACA charges related to the cost USAC charges to the promoter to host a race.

The payout in prize money has nothing to do with the governing body. True, having myself races for years in the Midwest which is a USAC world payouts are much higher but I think that has a lot to do with the cycling culture as the governing body.

This might help add clarity

Cost of a race

The only money ACA makes on any given race is a $2 operational surcharge from every rider and a nominal fee for the permit (like $25). That's about 6.5% of the average entry fee. They do also take an additional $3.19 in insurance surcharges per rider; this probably is just a pass-through expense which goes to the underwriter, but nonetheless we're suddenly talking about 17% of each entry fee. This starts to add up. Plus it's about $1k for the timing/camera system and probably about 25 other expenses to put on your average crit (I speak from experience). What does USAC charge a promoter, per rider? And what other fees do they charge? It's hard to compare without firm numbers from USAC. Point being, it may or may not be beneficial to permit with ACA v USAC. As for ACA getting rich off promoters, I don't see how it's possible. The operational surcharges ACA receives throughout the year are probably just enough to cover the Executive Director's salary.

What races are going

What races are going USAC?
Only saw N.B.P Crit for a few cats. Good crit but big boo boo of not having a good camera system. What was the final 1-2-3 turn out? Haven't seen full results anywhere yet...

One major reason ACA split from USAC is because we didn't have a voice. Major push that lead to the split was that they fired all the State Reps via Fax even though all the clubs said not to.
USAC is now threatening to illegally suspend Pros if they race outside of their league even tough all the riders don't want this. If you have an UCAC license please contact your State Rep and tell them to lift this ban... It's illegal, but nobody has the money and time to fight the USAC. They just screw over a few local pros that want to race. Sorry but USAC still hasn't really changed in 10 years.

So lets say the ACA became a

So lets say the ACA became a part of USAC tomorrow. What do we loose? Will the USAC tell CO riders they can't race outside of CO? Or tell us we need to pay an extra fee because we want to race locally and out of state? Will they tell riders from out of state they can't race here unless they pay an extra fee? Will they tell race organizers they can't have certain catigories race? Looking at this from a rider perspective, not an administrative perspective which way are we better off?

The 2011 ACA road and cx

The 2011 ACA road and cx race calendar is more packed than ever before, no promoter revolt, and no declining trend in membership numbers, but other than those minor factoids, everything else you say is absolutely true (well, perhaps the one about less regulation with USAC is a bit on the naive side, if not uninformed).
Now, this is probably a very difficult concept for you to comprehend, but the ACA is a membership driven organization, so regardless of what the ACA Board is doing short term, you and your ACA registered club can advocate and vote for an acquisition by USAC.

numbers, not perception, run with it

Alright so the starters of some random races I pulled up some big some small but you get the idea....

Scott Kornfield/Coal Miners 2010 360, 2011 314
Dead Dog 2010 310, 2011223
Superior RR 2010 592, 2011 743 GOOD!
Boulder/Mead Roubaix 2010 711, 2011 696
Colorado Mini Classic 2010 73, 2011 68
Hugo 2010 405, 2011 359
Horgan 2010 390, 2011 355

Not big differences but ask the promotors if it matters

At least 4 promoters have decided to to offer USAC racing this year vs what 1 last year on the road side? Nah, you are right you have beaten me into submission. Wasn't last years turnout down also? Didn't we come to a consensus that it was because of the recession or something? I don't know apparently I have a really hard time comprehending things.


and because I am obsesive compulsive and can be a jerk

Scott Kornfield/ Coal Miners 2009 460
Dead Dog 2009 377
Hugo 2009 500
Horgan 354 GOOD!

Rest of the examples weren't run in 2009, my bad