Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

This was passed on to us by one of our readers. This was taken from the USA Cycling website:

Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

Call-ups for non-UCI catetories at Cyclo-cross Nationals will be determined by rider ranking in USA Cycling's re-vamped Results and Ranking System, increasing the importance of results submission for local race directors. Start order for all non-UCI categories at the 2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships will be determined by rider ranking using the organization’s new, improved rankings system to debut Sept.1.

Cyclo-cross will be the first USA Cycling National Championship to use the remodeled rankings system to resolve call-up order for all race divisions other than Collegiate, Junior 17-18 and Elite. Following member feedback, this method of seeding aims to offer the most equitable and concise call-up procedure possible and does signify a departure from the previous approach of utilizing time trials, random drawings or based on when a rider registered online for Cyclo-cross National Championships.

USA Cycling’s new rankings system is set for public launch September 1, 2011. The rankings system will use an innovative algorithm to rank riders based on their results compared to other competitors rather than using an arbitrary event value. The new system will allow riders to achieve a ranking, based more on how well they race rather than how often. Rider rankings will be derived from an individual’s average of his/her top three results within a rolling 12 month period. More details on the revamped rankings program will be released in the coming weeks prior to the debut of the new system.

To ensure as fair and accurate a process as possible, USA Cycling is requesting all cyclo-cross race directors to submit results to USA Cycling in an accurate and timely fashion.

Basic instructions for submitting race results are available on the Race Directors page of

Posted by Andrea Smith - Jun 30, 2011
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Does this eliminate an ACA rider from being competitive at cyclocross nationals? Where does this leave ACA riders?

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So am I crazy, but why don't the directors of OBRA, UT, ACA, and any other non-USAC assoc band together and run their own national championships. Between these 3 groups you already have over half your podium.

You are not crazy, you are

You are not crazy, you are just wrong and have not been around long enough. First off the non USAC federations you mention do not make up half the fields or the podiums (I know we like to pat ourselves on the back here in CO, but it is a little over done). Second they tried that for a few years with the FICA "National Championships", the Federation of Independent Cycling Associations, or something like that. The events were total jokes, poorly attended, and poorly marketed. I have a team mate who won one of the events at Dead Dog in a field of 8 riders.

stop patting yourselves on the back

I'm from New England and can say ACA runs a good organization but has nothing special compared to what exists elsewhere. A lot of this money stuff seems drummed up by those seeking to keep empire building ahead of every rider' s benefit. I can't see how holding two licenses providides me any benefit. This issue highlights how the political infighting of a few is screwing the rest of us.

it is plainly clear to those who only want the best for all

Thank you, someone who isn't so blinded by the hate they grew from the USAC ACA split that they can recognize that the ACA really doesn't do anything special. Funny how those who have come to CO after are able to take an objective look and say the ACA is not any better or worse than USAC however all things being equal as they are it is far better to have only one governing body than two (less regulation, sound familiar?)

It doesn't matter as I've realized that in this case like many others money is the true decider. Racers are getting more and more options on choosing ACA or USAC races and they are turning out for the USAC one. More promoters are putting on USAC races in part because its cheaper, and in part because it attracts a better field. The ACA will always have you grassroots diehards especially in the front range but within my racing career the ACA will continue to shrink and eventually come to null. Killed by its own greed, the thing it originally split off to avoid. I will shed no tear, and loose no sleep over it as the ACA has already showed me it is not about doing what is in the racers best interest but what is in its own best interest.

someone must be.....

Alright fair question, I think the answer lies somewhere in the answer to this question. State Crit Champ this Saturday cost riders for day of reg. $40, there is a $35 option but not all of us plan that well (we are bike racers). Payout is $$/merch to the top 3 for Men 1/2. In Wisconsin the Great Downers Ave Crit is also Saturday. Day of reg is also $40 but the prize payout is $2,500 to the top 25 finishers. Why such a big discrepancy? I am sure someone will argue that isn't fair because the WI race is part of a bigger series. OK, next crit in Iowa....Iowa of all places The EastVillage Crit is a $25 registration day of with a $1500 pay out to the top 10! There is something wrong here, someone is making money, especially when even organizers are saying they are just breaking even charging what they do paying out to the top 3 in the top tier category.

its always been my

its always been my understanding that the payout difference isnt because ACA is getting rich but rather that USAC brings in a lot of natl sponsors and natl sponsorship money and actively discourages its sponsors from sponsoring regional association events, so more of the ACA fees have to go to race infrastructure.

i'm not a shill, i promise,

i'm not a shill, i promise, but it seems to me that most of the people who are really vocally (and imo ridiculously) anti-ACA are younger elite amateurs, while the overwhelmingly biggest demographic- sport-level masters racers(3s and 4s over 35)- are pretty happy with ACA.

obviously theres exceptions but i think the fact is the ACA does pretty well by them, perhaps at the expense of big payouts and a lot of pandering to elites that USAC does.

I just dont see a lot of folks who were around for the split lamenting the good ol days.