Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

This was passed on to us by one of our readers. This was taken from the USA Cycling website:

Start order for Cross Nats Determined by Revamped Rider Ranking

Call-ups for non-UCI catetories at Cyclo-cross Nationals will be determined by rider ranking in USA Cycling's re-vamped Results and Ranking System, increasing the importance of results submission for local race directors. Start order for all non-UCI categories at the 2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships will be determined by rider ranking using the organization’s new, improved rankings system to debut Sept.1.

Cyclo-cross will be the first USA Cycling National Championship to use the remodeled rankings system to resolve call-up order for all race divisions other than Collegiate, Junior 17-18 and Elite. Following member feedback, this method of seeding aims to offer the most equitable and concise call-up procedure possible and does signify a departure from the previous approach of utilizing time trials, random drawings or based on when a rider registered online for Cyclo-cross National Championships.

USA Cycling’s new rankings system is set for public launch September 1, 2011. The rankings system will use an innovative algorithm to rank riders based on their results compared to other competitors rather than using an arbitrary event value. The new system will allow riders to achieve a ranking, based more on how well they race rather than how often. Rider rankings will be derived from an individual’s average of his/her top three results within a rolling 12 month period. More details on the revamped rankings program will be released in the coming weeks prior to the debut of the new system.

To ensure as fair and accurate a process as possible, USA Cycling is requesting all cyclo-cross race directors to submit results to USA Cycling in an accurate and timely fashion.

Basic instructions for submitting race results are available on the Race Directors page of

Posted by Andrea Smith - Jun 30, 2011
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Does this eliminate an ACA rider from being competitive at cyclocross nationals? Where does this leave ACA riders?

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Top ranked 43 to 43.5 SS

National ranking of local races are a joke. They tried that a few years ago on the road side. You had riders from small turnout states all the top of each group. A 3rd place in thee 40+ group in Oregon is a lot lot lot harder than a 3rd place in Utah. No way to rank riders fairly.

Real reason is that they need some hype to get people to go to Wisconsin in January one week after the Christmas-New Year holidays. Bad timing and bad place for nationals, except for the handful going to worlds.

USAC Boycott

If USAC is going to use the call ups and pros as leverage to hamstring the ACA it's about time the ACA played hardball right back. The ACA needs to use their events are leverage and squeeze the USAC events that are in Colorado right now, throw the heat right back on them. How? Don't dual sanction the USGP and stick 2 events in Boulder County on the same weekend. Split the rider numbers so each race only gets 200 and USGP questions whether to ever come to Colorado again. Then have someone bring back the Boulder TT Series to squeeze the new USAC crit series. This is a dollars game and the ACA is in a position to stand tall for the betterment of Colorado cycling. Colorado is their state and they need to take it back. For cross nats I say boycott for one year and watch the quality of racing go so far downhill the rest of USAC membership base revolts. If they want a fight then you give them a war.

One of the most useless posts I have ever read

Great response from an ill informed poster. Let see:

1. Typical CO attitude if you think the rest of the US is going to care CO riders are not at Nationals. Cross is plenty big in many other areas of the country. Highly doubt most pros are going to skip nationals (both pro winners are from CO).

2. Bring back the TT seriers? Guess who ran the TT seriers, Clark. Do you remember when the ACA, under Beth, went well out of their way to dick over Clark when he was running a USAC stage race in Boulder a ways back? It must of worked as Clark never ran the stage race again. Good work ACA, way to help kill off a Boulder based stage race.

3. The Wednesday crits are run by local Colorado guys and a team that is registered with the ACA, Hotel San Jose. Why would anyone want to do them harm? I assume they permitted with USAC so pros could do the race. How is that a bad thing? I raced out there this week and there were a bunch of pros, which is nice, and differnet from all the ACA no pro's, 1/2 races. It is not like USAC corporate came in and is running the crits.

Your comments are so short sighted, ill informed and just stupid. People who think like you are what is wrong with CO these days.

Don't think you were the

Don't think you were the only one around back in the day. Beth did what was needed to be done for the ACA to be THE GOVERNING Body in Colorado. Clark should have gone ACA route and he might still have a race, however his issue was the enormous costs to run a boulder based stage race. The poster posed several valid points. While the wed crit issue might be crossing the line the USGP statement is a very valid point. It's USAC who banned pro's from racing, it's USAC who's creating a call up system to the detriment of Colorado athletes. You want USAC to back off then you affect the motivation for their strategic moves, money. Drive out USGP and reduce the quality field at nationals is an extremely aggressive, but effective, maneuver to make USAC cave.

I'm trying to understand the

I'm trying to understand the consequences for me as a racer planning to attend Natz for the first time this winter. I’ve read through the comments and though the history and debate is interesting, I need to know how to plan my season. I know very little about the details and politics of local racing, so I have a few questions.
1.There are a few local races that are UCI events: Colorado Cross Cup, Boulder Cup, USGP Fort Collins. Will these races be counted towards Natz call ups?
2.What about Colorado State Championships? Can any race promoter send results even if the race isn’t sanctioned by USA Cycling? Can the promoter have both ACA/USA Cycling affiliations?
3.Are there adjacent states that are USA Cycling?
4.Can someone explain the “algorithm” that is being used? Hearing this term thrown around without a clear explanation of the details makes me skeptical.