Shredly Shorts and Jersey Review

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Maybe I don’t speak for everyone but I definitely know a contention of women who routinely ask, “Why are all the women’s mountain bike shorts black?” Well, Shredly has solved that dilemma. Shredly is a Colorado company, founded and operated by a Colorado native. And the clothing is made in the U.S.A. The founder, Ashley Rankin, took her background in apparel design and production and turned it into a clothing line that is sure to light up the trails.?

Shredly shorts are different from anything I’ve seen on the racks. And if you’re thinking they look a lot like board shorts, you’d be right. Ashley took the idea of a longer short, added more coverage and a whole lot of design. The shorts have a wide waist band with low comfy pockets in the front. The backside is pocket-free and comes up high enough so that you don’t distract the person behind you. There is a side snap pocket on the right leg; perfect for trail map, beer money or a snack. The material is soft and just stretchy enough to move with you as you ride. These “Made in the U.S.A.’ shorts are constructed well and held up nicely in my style of doing laundry (translation: I don’t read washing instructions). The shorts are available in eight different designs and vibrant colors and they have a 10.5 inch inseam. The shorts fit true to size and come in sizes 0-12.

The detachable chamois is super comfy. The waist band is wide (2 inches). I for one, think a wider waist band is way more comfortable than a skinny one that cuts into my ‘I’ve had three kids’ abdomen. The chamois is low profile and cozy for my lady bits. The leg bands have gripping material which means no tugging after a long climb. And since the chamois is detachable you can wear these shorts for kayaking, swimming, stand up paddling, yoga, climbing, you name it. I should also mention they are great for just wearing around town.

I must admit that when I looked at the jerseys on the website, I thought, “Hmm…black.” But there is nothing boring about this jersey. First and I guess most important, the material has this cool Dry-Thru™ technology. This jersey was not treated after it was made with a chemical to make it wick away the moisture. The filament that wicks moisture is spun into the fabric. It’s there for good. Bottom line: You sweat (at least you should) and the sweat goes away. The cut of the jersey is complimentary and showcases what you want and veils what you need. It must be said that this jersey is rad. The jersey is also great for other sports and trips to the gym. It comes in three options for stitching color and sizes range in XS-XL.

At the end of the day, Shredly offers unique alternatives to black and boring clothing. The clothing is stylish, well made, complimentary and it’s multi-functional. In a time when everyone is eyeing their budget isn’t it a great thing to be able to wear the same clothing for all of your sports? And look good doing it. I think so.

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