Should Colorado have Cyclocross races in January?

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Need more races in Dec-Jan

It's really hard to stay in race shape and motivated when there is a one month gap between races. I think the gap in time hurt the turnout.

I see no really problem with racing from Sept-Jan. If you don't want to race, don't. I think the bigger problem that keeps getting worse each year is the group sizes. All year long we hear about people complaining about have to line up with 100+ people. One ways to ease this problem is to extended the season. But again there can't be a month between races. With Worlds next year here in the States, I hope we will keep the race calender packed including plenty of Cross Cups races up on until Worlds in Jan. The idea of having no points races in Sept was good so if the season is too long for you don't start until Oct. Maybe we should just call Sept races practice cross races. Cyclocross is not a sideshow anymore, its our fastest growning sport and needs to have at least a four month run.

Races in Jan are fine but they shouldn't be for points

I don't like the new nationals schedule and don't really care about the worlds schedule. Let's not build our season around those two things when the majority won't be attending those events. That said it's fine with me if promoters want to hold races after states and I had fun racing on Saturday even though I quit training on 12/5. However I feel strongly that races after States shouldn't be for CC points.

Keep State CX in December

I, like many other CX racers, shift gears both mentally and physically to other things non-cycling/racing once we get to the holidays. It's not bad going into the first or second week of December but there are too many other things that compete for my time thereafter. Contrary to some people, my family's life does not revolve around cycling.

My .02

2 racing "populations"

There are really 2 different groups of racers to think about.

One, The Elite riders who need races into Nationals and Worlds to maintain race fitness. For this group, the later dates for the National championship & worlds makes the need/desire for races in January a no brainer.

Two, The "recreational", local racer type. These are likely the folks driving the numbers in September (when it's more "pleasant" to race..). I really find it hard to believe that the dates for Nationals & Worlds really impacts a lot of peoples choice of "racing season". Looking at the race numbers for the year, once the weather gets "cold", the numbers start dropping off. "Fair weather" crossers, maybe, but that seems to be what happens. I don't think a lot of these "non-Elite" folks are going to continue racing deep into the colder months, and probably not past the holiday, with all the "outside" distractions that brings.

Should there be races in January? Sure, let the "market" decide, no need to force a season on those who don't want it. September to January, why not? People will race when they want to.

One suggestion, separate the "elite" and "recreational" schedules a bit. Elite State championships in Late December or January, with the "Other" groups states in Mid December?

Also interesting, getting to be almost as many people answering the poll as races Saturday.

It's not up to participants

It's not up to participants to schedule races, If race organizers want to put on a race so be it, noone is being forced to goto any race they don't want to do, and If the big dogs are resting or at world's, it gives smaller dogs time to play at the front without being trampled by the national champs that dominate the regular season. Good for all.