Shop Talk - Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber

303Cycling is branching out and will be producing some video interviews. We will be looking for interesting topics to cover and share with our readers. The story could be anything to do with cycling so if you know someone that you think would be a good interview please feel free to contact us.

Here is part three of the interview. We talked about Pete heading to Europe during the Holidays Brandon meeting Pete in Europe to race Masters Worlds.

This is a slideshow Pete gave last year after his trip to Europe.

For part two of the interview, I asked Brandon and Pete about Nationals. We talked about the time trial used for call up, the course and much more. Take a look.

For our first interview we sat down with Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber and chatted about Colorado State Cyclocross Championships, Cyclocross Nationals and racing cyclocross in Europe. Here is part one of the interview.

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Agreed. Great addition to 303Cycling

I would love to hear more about race tactics...

What was going through each of their minds in the last few laps when Jake looked super strong?

Did Brandon know where he was going to make his final move?

What were both thinking when Jake got his 4 second gap on the penultimate lap?

Also, hopefully parts 2 and 3 will discuss Nationals. I would love to hear more about that race since it was so different from States. Finally, I believe Pete is going to go to Europe to race again this year. Hopefully there will be questions about what he expects to accomplish over there.