Serfas: Where Have You Been All My Life?

The other day Christmas came early. It’s not hard to imagine it’s Christmas what with all the snow we’ve been getting. Serfas sent me a few items to try out. In between snowstorms and a trip to Fruita I had a chance to try it all and I was pretty happy with all of it. The price point is reasonable which is helpful when you like a variety of choices in the bike bag.

First up, Serfas Assassin sunglasses. They are gloss black and they come with multiple lenses; bonus for those of us who like to ride at dusk and in the bright sun. They are perfect size for my troll size head (I think trolls have small heads). They fit well and don’t slip around and they are super light. They also are designed well. No peripheral vision obstruction. They are so comfortable I often forgot I had them on. They offer 100% UV protection and they are RX compatible.

Next up , Krypton Women’s MTB Shoes. I was super curious about these because I’ve been wearing a softer shoe for the past year and wasn’t sure if I would like a stiff shoe (although from a power perspective, the stiffer the better). I took them to Fruita and against my better judgment wore them for what would be a 5 hour ride. Glad I don’t listen to myself. They were super comfy from the get go. It was my first time wearing a shoe with a single button release and I LOVED it. They were stiff but it was good for powering up some of the loose rocky climbs. And let’s not get too caught up in function. They look great. Mine are all black and pretty tough looking. I likey. I’m impressed with a shoe that can go from the box to a 5 hour ride. No break in time required. Just like I like it.

Hmm..jersey or shorts. Okay, we’ll do shorts. Serfas sent me the Angel Short. I ALWAYS wear a small but had to send their small back for a medium. You may want to size up if you are on the size fence. Mine are black and loose and long. Again, so lightweight that I looked down to be sure I had shorts on. Pockets just where you need them; one zippered and one Velcro plus two up top for your hands. The Serfas launch pad is just what you need in a liner; breathable, soft and fits in all the right places. The shorts also come with an adjustable waist (nice if you are between sizes) (or you just like a lot of trail snacks).

The Women’s Blossom Jersey is super cute. It is semi fitted with a ½ zip and feels true to size. There are two pockets and a headphone outlet. Available in a few colors but the smoke color is my fav. It has just enough feminine detail to please. It is breathable and stood up well to washing and drying (for longer than I probably should have). It felt long enough to hide my back parts and perfect in the front. I heard a rumor that Serfas may discontinue their women’s jerseys but I wanted to brag on this one anyway.

Wrap up: There are lots of choices out there. Choose wisely and buy what performs well and makes you feel good while rippin’ it up on the dirt.

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