Ride the Buff with the CU Cycling Team

From contributing author, Addie Levinsky
The 12th Annual Buffalo Bicycle Classic (hosted by the CU Cycling Team) is just around the corner. With five different route options, there is an opportunity for everyone. Not only will the routes offer some classic and epic Boulder riding, a portion of the registration fee goes to support the CU Cycling Team as they compete in various disciplines across the country.

The route options include 35-miles, 50-miles, 70-miles, 100-miles, and the epic 110 mile ride. There is also a 14-mile ride that tours the bike path network of Boulder. All of the routes, save the Little Buff and Buff Epic bring riders north on US36 towards Lyons. The 70 and 100-mile route feature a jaunt around Carter Lake.

The epic 110-mile route boasts nearly double the elevation gain of the 100-mile course. Riders will climb 6,253 feet as they begin the climb up Boulder Canyon to Nederland reaching the scenic Peak-to-Peak Highway. After dropping into Lyons, the route will continue onto Carter Lake as well before returning back to Boulder.

Photo: alumi.colorado.edu

Starting at 6:30 AM on ride day, the CU tent will be open to all riders for pre-ride coffee (guaranteed!) and pastries. CU Cycling team members will lead groups on the 50, 70, 100, and Epic routes, and all riders will return to the tent for a post-ride party. The party will feature all the essentials (like beer and food), and there will be a drawing for several different prizes.

The ride takes place on September 7th and online registration closes September 5th at noon. Late registration will be available the day-of, beginning at 6:00am (a late fee will incur). Registering before September 5th will cost $125 (the Little Buff is $40 for child/$70 for adult).

The Buffalo Bicycle Classic is always a great day on the bike with good company, excellent riding, and good weather. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss and it supports a great cause. Funding the CU Cycling Team allows the collegiate scene to thrive, which benefits young racers for years to come.

Contributing author, Addie Levinsky

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Joe, you are correct. The CU Team contacted us in regards to spreading the word about the their event within this ride--riding with the team. If one were to have signed up with the team (the link provided at the bottom of the article), all the proceeds would benefit the CU team. This portion of registration with the team was only available until the end of last week. We wanted to present the ride itself if people were unfamiliar with it, but let people know about the team's event. At this point, if you'd still be interested in riding with (and for the team), please reach out via email: contact@cucycling.com or you could also support them directly at http://www.cucycling.com/support.html.