Castle Rock's new Bike Park - Rhyolite Park

Castle Rock is the latest owner of a bike park, Rhyolite Park which will feature a permanent Cyclcross course, downhill and a pump track. This will also be the stage for Nov 7th ACA Cyclcross race. Related: Golden Colorado just got a new bike park as well, Tony Grampsas Park and Valmont Bike Park is moving forward

Rhyolite Bike Park from ed arnold on Vimeo.

From Ed Tokarski

Rhyolite Park is being developed to be Castle Rock's bike park, with great off-road trails, pump tracks and a downhill park just completed this summer. Town of Castle Rock Parks and Rec is doing a great job at supporting bicycle related activities.

This is the second year of Castle Cross-we have manicured the course to improve the riding experience and make it a test of fitness and bike handling skills. It has features all riders will appreciate.

Castle Rock has given us the Park for the day, no conflicting events, just our race and a down hill demonstration on the new features to "kick off" the opening. It should be a great day of cycling with racers and families as well as Town officials being present.

If this years event is successful the Town will allow the CX course to become a permanent feature for use each fall for racing/training but also throughout other seasons for continuous riding/running.

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Support it

I encourage the CX community to support and race on Nov. 7th. I'm not affiliated with the park or this races promotion, but I believe it's important to show this venue support so they can keep and maintain a full-time CX specific course. Being a researcher that looks at Douglas county health issues, I've noticed that Castle Rock is a unique community in that its both affluent and has higher than normal rates of child obesity (generally speaking on both accounts). I believe a permanent CX course, at the very least provides another option for kids to get outside, and we all know that once you try CX you are hooked.

Just my 2 cents.