Review: Grindz - Pants with Hidden Protective Padding

Last year we were super excited to meet bmx pro Kevin Robinson at Interbike and see his innovative new product called Grindz out of Colorado, pants with built-in padding for biking and skate boarding. Unfortunately, we had to wait a year for the product to be out on the market, but we are happy to report that Grindz launched this fall, just in time for the holidays.

Grindz were invented by Kevin so there would be no excuses to not wear protective padding, "The most important aspect of freestyle bmx and my career has always been safety. I would have never been able to earn 5 X-Games gold medals, or my World Height Record without wearing all the proper safety gear. It disappoints me when I don't see others taking safety seriously and always making excuses to not wear pads. Well, the excuses are over. I introduce to you - Grindz."

Grindz was kind enough to send us a pair for our tough-as-nails eleven year old reviewer to check out. Here are the impressions from both reviewer and mom:

Mom: The pants ran true to size and held up well to both the washing machine and the dryer, no bunching or misshaping of the pads. The jeans are constructed out of heavy duty denim and cut slightly baggy, so the pads were virtually unnoticeable, a huge relief to the reviewer. The biggest plus of this product is that it offers WAY more protection that the average knee-length basketball shorts or skinny jeans you usually see kids wearing at the Valmont Bike Park or any of the local skate parks. They are also comfortable enough to wear around town too. I am not sure if the extra padding made my son more comfortable trying riskier tricks on his bike or skateboard, but they do offer a little extra peace of mind to parents. It is also nice to not have to worry about losing a pad or if your kid actually remembered to put pads on, since they are sewn in to the jeans, they are always there to do their job.

Grindz are available in denim and khaki styles in both kids and adult sizes. They are currently available at Camp Woodward East and West and online at,, and For more information on the product go to

And now brutal honesty from our official reviewer, who liked Grindz but wants more colors, bigger pads and shirts:

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