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Our mission at Pete’s Electric Bikes is to provide the highest level of customer service and to offer electric bike products we trust and use ourselves. At Pete’s, we are passionate about electric bikes. We have commuted by bicycle for years and understand the benefits of adding electric assist to our rides. We use what we sell. Our goal is to get our customers out of their cars, enjoying fresh air and getting exercise while they accomplish all the running around of daily life. Think of all the trips to the grocery store, the hardware store, even daily commutes to work; electric bikes could change all of those car errands into joy rides. Electric bikes do not take away from your daily exercise; they add to it. Our customers range from teenagers to grandparents. Riding couples refer to our bikes as the great equalizer: no longer is the stronger rider waiting for the other. Older customers are now enjoying longer rides in more varied terrain. Commuters are cutting their commute time by as much as half and arriving to work fresh and ready to go. Join Pete’s, a fast-growing company, in meeting these goals.

The Area: Sales
Our sales team does much more than sell eBikes; Pete’s sales associates listen carefully to the needs and desires of our customers, educate them about products and services, and build and manage long-term relationships with them. We approach every interaction with a sense of enthusiasm for eCycling, as well as in-depth knowledge about eBikes. We are also energetic team players keen to roll up our sleeves, lend a hand to our colleagues, and do what's necessary to get the task done. As consummate professionals, we are proud to set the standard for customer service not just in the eBike industry, but in any industry.

The Role: Sales
We are seeking applicants with retail sales experience. You are the driving force behind Pete’s Electric Bikes expanding eCycling movement. You work in all areas related to eCycling at Pete’s, including sales, customer service and merchandising. Knowledge of women's eBikes, apparel, and accessories is an asset. If you have wrenching experience, or a desire to acquire it, you can be involved in our service department. You are an adept and experienced sales professional who works with our owners and service managers both to lead the store on a day-to-day basis and to set, pursue, and achieve big goals for the company. You work to establish Pete’s Electric Bikes as the premier eBike retailer and service center in the country through your product knowledge and customer focused approach. You continually look for ways to improve processes, increase productivity, and grow the business.

Minimum Qualifications
• Cycling enthusiast
* Knowledge of bike technology
• Women-specific bike and product knowledge
• Superb customer service skills
• Ability to multitask
• Ability to work weekends, days and evenings
• Basic knowledge of Mac OS and point-of-sale systems

Preferred Qualifications
• Three years bicycle retail sales experience

How To Apply
• Please submit your resume to

• Please include a phone number and email so we may contact you for an interview

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