Recess at the Res - Warmup Options

303Cycling Recently caught up with Clint Bickmore, a member of the ACA Board and one of the promoters of this Saturdays Recess at the Res. We talked about racer warmup and the different options that will be available.

[303Cycling] This cyclocross season has seen many collisions between riders warming up and racers. I see that you are going to provide a different warmup scenario at Recess at the Res, can you explain what riders can expect?
[Clint] Recess at the Res will have 3 warmup opportunities.  First, we will offer the ACA allowed course preview as pointed out in a recent 303Cycling article.
1. When the leader finishes his/her race, racers may preview by following the last rider on course until 5 minutes before the next scheduled race start.
2. After the final rider starts his/her race, racers may preview following that last rider for 1-2 laps

Out of respect for the racers and officials, riders will stay off the course for the remainder of the race.

[303Cycling]   So what else are you offering to riders for warmup?
[Clint] There will be two other warmup opportunities.  The best opportunity is a coached warmup on trainers.  We have convinced Ann Trombley (Trailmaster Coaching & Physical Therapy) and Frank Overton (FasCat Coaching) to lead a coaching effort on a proper warmup.  The focus will be the mental review of the course preview while doing a controlled warmup on a trainer.  Some trainers will be available on a first come, first served basis.  We also invite riders to bring their own trainers to the warmup area to participate in the warmup (make sure a nametag is on your personal trainer).

Blue = Warmup / Practice Course Red = Start of the Actual Course

[303Cycling] You mentioned that there are three different options for warmups. What is the 3rd warmup opportunity?
[Clint] Following the start of a given race, the start loop will be available as a warmup/practice loop to give riders an on-the-bike feel over a short course.  This is a good way to dial in tire pressure, etc.  This hole-shot section has a couple of wide corners and eventually shoots the riders onto the course just beyond the finish line.  The ACA is trying to get promoters to have the start section enter the course beyond the finish line, because this allows the race day to stay on schedule without having to pull riders on their final lap.  Recess at the Res is going to try to have the start section serve this dual role.

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Many collisions?

"[303Cycling] This cyclocross season has seen many collisions between riders warming up and racers." Has there been? I have only heard of the one which involved a high profile person...then causing a change for the rest of us.

At least 3

There have been at least 3 that I know of and each affected the outcome of the top 10 placings. ONe at Xilinx, one at Louisville Rec Center and one at the Boulder Cup. the Boulder Cup incident had an effect on the race winner of one of the masters races. So it's been much more profound than the single event you speak of.


Near Misses

I have personally been run into course tape, run off the racing line, and forced to a complete stop in the middle of a race by those warming up at least 4 times this season, and have witnessed my fellow racers have similar incidents multiple times. None of these resulted in collisions, usually due to deft handling by the racers, but certainly affected racers. So yes it has been a problem and I commend the ACA for finding a solution that works before someone got hurt worse.

start order

I always thought the start order of the races were quite odd. Why doesn't the less skills riders start first and then the big guns start later. Similar to the ccc/boulder cup weekend. That way you have less skilled riders racing with more skilled racers warming up/inspecting the course, makes more sense to me. Plus maybe more people would stick around and watch the elite race.

Just a thought, the above works too but I think the order of cats would help with the safety issues.

warm up speed not equal to race speed for anyone

Even during the 35+ 4's race last Saturday there were guys warming up and interferring with the race. A group of us came up really fast on a guy right where we went from the sand to the sidewalk and made no effort to get out of the way until the road. This was 4 laps into the race so he had no right being on the course in the first place.

A friend was racing the in the 4's and was in 3rd place, got caught up with someone warming up and lost a bunch of spots. The guy's response was "you weren't winning". nice.

The recent changes are only a burden on those who don't show up to race until it is too late to get on to the course.