Recess at the Res - Promoter Interview

Aaron Bouplon - 2009 Cyclocross Season

You may or may not have noticed that there is a new cyclocross race on the ACA calendar, Recess at the Res (formerly called School Yard Cross) or at least a new name. 303Cycling recently asked Aaron Bouplon, one of the promoters of the race, a few question about the event.

[303Cycling] I just read over the flyer and I have to ask.  Sumo Poker!!??
[Aaron] Sumo poker is basically a poker run game to add interest to the race. Racers can choose to participate or not. Racers get one card in the staging area (and figure out where they’ll be storing their cards). Every lap as they circle around the carnival two costumed sumos will hand them a playing card. At the end of the race… with no exchanging of cards… we will record the hand and the racers bib number. Best hand wins Oskar Blues beer. A Royal Flush wins $100. Four “7”s wins an hour massage with Shirley Plaatjes at In Motion Rehabilitation, Four “4”s wins a pair of shoes from the Boulder Running Company… and we’re still building this prize list (if anyone wants in email

[303Cycling] Tell us about the book drive.
[Aaron] The Global Education Funds mission statement: “Improving the lives of children around the world living in poverty through education.” Visit the website at: (Donate 5 books and get $5 off your entry!)

[303Cycling] Last year the race was out at the Dawson School and people really liked the venue.  Why the change this year?
[Aaron] Hopefully we’ll be back at Dawson next year… unfortunately this year it didn’t quite work out. Maybe “Recess At The Res” will merit it’s own date next year. We did try to capture the flow that the course had last year, unfortunately no mud pit (yet, but now I’m thinking). We’ve tried to construct a Res course that is different than everything that has been done so far and I think that we succeeded.

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to add?
[Aaron] Due to our extremely late start, we didn’t even attempt to get a liquor license. It turns out that this may have worked in our favor as racers and spectators may bring their own beer and drink it anywhere on the course (as long as it is not in a glass).
Another point of interest. Cars entering the Res with racers or volunteers are free. Cars with only spectators will be charged $5, well worth it, but also well worth planning ahead for. Any questions, please email me


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