REEB Cycles - Carbon Drive SingleSpeed

I got a chance to ride the REEB last weekend. I road at Betaso and Heil Ranch in what I would call typical Front Range mountain biking (little bit of everything). I have been riding a single speed 29er since 2004 but its been a while since I was so excited to ride a bike.

I am not the fastest going downhill on a mountain bike but man did I feel comfortable and fast on the REEB. Some of it could have been the 2.35" tires, which the REEB offers plenty of clearance to run, but the bike just felt stable going downhill. Even with the big tires the bike was very lightweight. The bike did shine going down but going uphill was just as nice.

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Photo Credit: 303Photo

How would I describe the ride:

  • Simple
  • Local
  • Stable
  • Agile
  • FUN!

Some Key Specs:

  • OX platinum steel frame
  • Paragon slider dropouts
  • Gates Carbon Drive - Centertrack

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Oskar Blues really wants people to get out and have fun riding bikes. When emailing Chad Melis, Oskar Blues Marketing Guy, he would usually sign off saying Drink Beer. Ride Bikes. Repeat. I might switch the order but I got the idea.

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