Pros Can Now Signup for MadSync Races Without Fear of UCI Sanction

MadSync has come up with a solution to the UCI’s decision to enforce rule 1.2.019 baring UCI license holders from competing in ACA races.

Starting with the Haystack Mtn. TT, any ACA member categorized as a “Pro” on their ACA license will have their name listed as “Registration Confidential” and team as “Team Confidential” on the public registered riders page in MadSync. Additionally, anyone registering in the Pro-1-2 field who is racing on a 1 day license will be treated the same.

For Haystack, be careful how you chose the name of your Team Time Trial as this info is not hidden from the public for logistical purposes.

MadSync UCI sanction free races:

Alan Enos

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It doesn't take a lot

It doesn't take a lot for some bitter or angry Cat 2 racer to send an email to the UCI from their website and say that a certain pro was racing in Colorado today and they are not supposed even be in the race. With as much petty stuff that some riders complain about, it is not far fetched in the least to think that this would happen. Also, the ACA has stated clearly that they won't cover up any evidence for pros racing. All in all, it's a bad situation.